Positive Affirmation.

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Positive Affirmation.
Post # 1

Heya! This is just a brief introduction to PA techniques. It works on the premise that with everything we say, we put a truth into the universe. For example, if we say "I am fat", whatever weight we are, we will become fat. Opposingly, if we say, "I am successful", that goes as a truth into the universe and it becomes true in our life.

Another way of looking at this is in the view of programming our sub-conscious. Our sub-conscious kinda 'believes' everything we say, and trusts that we are speaking the truth. Then it manifests that truth.

So, to practice PA we must realise that we can take control of what we are programming the universe/our sub-conscious, with. Negative thinking patterns can build up by phrases like "I am always depressed" or "I can't do..." or "I am stupid". These are like mini spells that we do all the time. We thoughtlessly curse ourselves! :P

We can change this deliberately by replacing our negative instruction with positive instruction to our selves. Eg: "I am happy", "I can do whatever I choose to do" "I have a capable mind".

For example, I was having a problem where I kept going back to sleep when I woke up in the morning. So, I affirmed "When I wake up I get out of bed". It worked within two days. Once I had made my coffee, I went straight back to bed though, lol, I hadn't quite thought it through! So, I added another affirmation of "when I'm awake I'm active". xD

To start, pick your affirmation, and just say it with no doubt, out loud, ten times a day. Always keep your affirmation in the present tense, this is very important. Also, always make it a positive statement (ie: don't use words like 'not, don't, etc) You can go a long way with affirmation and make it part of your lifestyle.

Some examples of positive affirmtions:

  • I heal easily
  • I am loving, lovable and loved
  • I trust in life
  • I deserve to be happy

To summarise, - you are already doing this! What you can aim for, is to take control of it! :D

Have fun! I wish you success! :D

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Re: Positive Affirmation.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I love this!

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Re: Positive Affirmation.
Post # 3
This rarely works, it doesn't change us, it changes how we look at ourselves, just how anorexic (spelling) people say they're fat, they won't get fat, they'll just keep dieting and exercising because they think they're fat, it doesn't matter how skinny they get. I believe in making yourself feel horrible about the way you are so it will be easier to change.
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Re: Positive Affirmation.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

To quote Evan Almighty; "I am successful. I am powerful. I am handsome. I am happy, successful, powerful, handsome, happy."

Notice he said each aspect twice and this was done in a chanting tone in front of his mirror. I suggest using positive affirmations in a chanting form to add energy to your statement. As well as using a mirror to bounce the energy right back through you before it is released out into the universe.

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Re: Positive Affirmation.
Post # 5
Thanks LillyMoon. You are absolutely right! Thinking about something brings attention to it and gives it energy, and the more energy it has the more of a reality it becomes.

It's true in the story of the anorexic, too. This person still says "I'm fat" and continues the cycle of insecurity.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi
"There are no problems, only solutions." - John Lennon

Focus on the solutions to problems in your life. Imagine yourself overcoming obstacles. Decisions become easier to make, and the painful tug from your self-induced limitations will lighten.

"When I'm awake I'm active." I think you've got it right, LillyMoon. Maybe choose some activities or chores to do before you allow yourself to go back to sleep. I love my afternoon naps just as much as anyone, but you might give them up entirely for a while. Make yourself stay awake until it's time to go to bed. Fill your day with activities. Staying busy is a good thing!
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