I'm confused.

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I'm confused.
Post # 1
Let me start by saying I have no intention of offending anyone. If I do offend you I am sorry and I am asking for forgivness in advance.

What I'm really confused about is other people that practice magick and even myself. I want to know. Why do other people get strange abilities and others don't in magick mass. I'm a teenager from absolutely normal christian descent. Yes ive looked. No past magick family members. I have no psychic powers. I can't aura read. I meditate but have no idea how much my chakras are balanced. I have had no paranormal or occult experiences EVER. I have no ties with the spirit world. I study the paranormal, parapsychology, and the occult all the time but have never had any type of these things happen to me. I was introduces into magick by a TV show not by some magick force. I just saw this as a better religion. My problem really is that I see all these magick using people are the exact opposite of me. Some are psychics. Most have amazing abilities. Most have magick descent and most were introduced into magick by some strange force. Most have many paranormal things happen to them and I am just stuck here begging for something to just happen. Something that just isn't everyday to happen to me. I'm not even new to magic I've been studying for 5 years. I just need advice.
Thank you for reading this.
Also, things i've already heard:
1: Well me neither!
2: You're just starting. Things will come to you.

tl;dr- Nothing paranormal ever happens to me. what do?
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Re: I'm confused.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Nothing wrong with you. Nature is a great teacher,try to spend more time alone in the garden,fields or woods. Try to hear the voice of nature,sense it,love it,touch it. Meditation is a great solution to everything. Prayer is doing magic,pray till tears will roll down,wake your Will up to notice invisible help of your spirits. Just pay attention to all signs around,which is given to you by spirits. Blessed be
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Re: I'm confused.
Post # 3
First off, Darwish, praying, in my opinion, is not magic, it's asking for help when you can't do anything.
For the actual post, magic is a skill, not a talent, I have a magical history (family, friends, taught at young age) so it was easy for me, since I didn't have a choice, but I have taught many people how, and it's like learning to swim, you will probably do it wrong the first few times, but you'll start getting the hang of it and, after time, will be able to do it (almost) without fail.
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Re: I'm confused.
Post # 4
Perhaps other have a stronger bloodline of magickal ability. I believe certain indiviuals may perhaps develop abilities or they may be passed down. Different things happen to different people. Not all witches have paranormal experiences, some do. It all depends on the person's location and other factors. We all come from many different bloodlines and places.
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