Black salt

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Black salt
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Black salt has a couple other names, including Sal Negro, Witches Salt, Drive Away Salt, Voodoo Salt and Santeria Salt. It can be used to drive away negative energies and evil spirits, it can be added to a Hoodoo mix called war water, you can sprinkle it in doorways and windowledges to protect a home or place of work, it can be sprinkled around your property or garden for protection, use it to remove jinxes, curses and hexes, or you can use it to cast a very strong circle of protection.

How can I make my own Black Salt?
There are several different ways to make black salt, all ways require 1 part substance to 2 parts salt. So just double the salt of what your using to make it black. You can use cast iron scrapings (cauldron scrapings!!!), ash from a fire place, charcoal, black pepper, or black dye.

For this recipe, we will be using cauldron scrapings from a previous spell of protection. I personally like this recipe because the person who wrote it previously had cast a spell for protection in her cauldron, so all of the ash from the incense and coal are left. I personally suggest doing this also, or at least a purification for the iron pot or cauldron that you will use. That way there is no residual negative energy clinging to the tool.

1. Use an old spoon to scrape all the stuff off the sides of the cauldron or pot.
2. Remove any unburned matter from your stuff that you scraped off the cauldron.
3. Place this into your mortar with double the amount of salt (any more and it starts to turn grey)
4. Grind them together while you concentrate on protective enegies.
5. Place your finely ground black salt into a labeled jar.

There you go, black salt! I hope you guys enjoy the recipe and have fun making it!

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