I do need some help:(

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Forums -> General Info -> I do need some help:(

I do need some help:(
Post # 1
I have a classmate who likes me(he told me)and I like him back.
However,my parents are really strict.I'm 14 now.They have never let me hang out with friends(it's carzy i know),let alone boy.

I have already talked to them.It's totally useless.

I really really like him and I know he feels the same.And I think if I can't hang out with him this year,I will probably lose him FOREVER.

So,I do need a spell to change my parents' mind:(
I can only do the spell with simple ingredients.
It's killing me every day.PLEASE HELP ME.
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Re: I do need some help:(
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
You don't necissairly need a spell. Look for persuasion tips, and other things if it doesn't work,well it didn't work there's no other way to say it. You can't use magick for every little thing.

Hope I helped at least a little.

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Re: I do need some help:(
Post # 3
your parents are justifiably worried about you. as your age, you can make a lot of stupid things, for example, to get pregnant or succumb to influence and be influenced by sixths.
will be held for another 10 years, and you realize that your parents were right.
the only thing you can try to do is invite the boy to his home and introduce to your parents. They will talk with him and if he's a good guy - they calm down .. in the same way you can meet with a guy in your house
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Re: I do need some help:(
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i know right now it seems hopeless, or nothing good will happen if you aren't with him, but you're young, if it's meant to be it will happen. talk to your parents. my parents always had a rule [kind of a family rule cuz my cousins even had it] no dating until your 16 [not a bad rule imo, but i can see how some would hate it] you could mention it to your parents, try and set their minds at ease, and come up with a middle ground. but i don't know your parents side, so i don't have strong advise for you.

if you want magical help [remember you still need to talk with your family, it won't work on it's own] burn either an orange, purple, or yellow candle. yellow works for persuasion and confidence, purple works with tension and orange for encouragement. visualize your desired outcome, your parents understanding and letting you have a bit more freedom. light the candle and let it burn down, visualizing your desire. the next day talk calmly to your parents about how you're 14 and you are wanting to spend time after school with friends. tell them you will call them to let them know where you'll be at all times, and you will be home by 5 [i'm assuming school lets out at 3. it may not seem like a lot of time, but baby steps] don't bring up dating. you can see the guy you like as a friend, it's the same as dating, so you should be happy for that.
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Re: I do need some help:(
Post # 5
You will lose him 'forever' ? So there are NO MORE men on the planet that you will like ? Why don't you ask ANY couple ( mature ) that you see and ask just how many 'crushes' they had when they were young !! Very few people 'find' love that lasts forever and it's the FIRST person they met and know. Your going into a new world of love and there are 'hundreds' of people playing the game. The 'odds' of THIS being your ONE true love for the 'rest of your life' are astronomical !!! Think about it.......
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Re: I do need some help:(
Post # 6
OK.Maybe you guys are right.I don't know what to think now.
I'll leave this thing for now.
I would consider what you said.Thanks.
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