Scared of the 3rd eye

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Scared of the 3rd eye

Scared of the 3rd eye
Post # 1
Hellow everyone, first of all l practice wicca alone through the imformation that l get from the internet, so sometimes l find it hard to understand some of the little things becouse have no one to ask physically, but thanks to SOM coz l can now ask online. My question is that is it a must that a person practising wicca should open all of the seven chackras? I don't wan't to open all of them, l want to skip the 3rd eye and crown chackra, am scared becouse of what l read about them. It sound silly l know but please advice me.
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Re: Scared of the 3rd eye
By: / Novice
Post # 2
what have you read about them? here's a article i find really helpful myself:

anyway, your question. no, you do not have to. chakra work like everything in wicca is purely optional. one doesn't need to know all the same things to be a 'true witch' it's if you want to. cleansing your chakra's merely provide balance in your life, resulting in you feeling better. our energy flows throughout the body and certain chakra's, do to who we are or experiences, will be more open or closed, as a result energy will pool, and we'll feel odd. we may feel worried, or we may be shy, or we may not be able to express our emotions as a result [or we could have extreme oposites, really chatty comfortable in any situation without realizing the danger]

the point is, you don't have to if you don't want to.
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Re: Scared of the 3rd eye
Post # 3
You should go through this , with meditations for opening your third eye, only if you feel ready,
And i suggest you someone's guide, it is better if someone would explain you by steps, instead just jumping into it
Remember always to treat this things with respect. And if you are really interested start by meditating :)
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Re: Scared of the 3rd eye
Post # 4
I believe that you shouldn't let what you read on the internet influence you overmuch and just continue with the practice.

I simply think that the people who write such things about the dangers of opening the brow chakra are simply weak minded individuals with no experience in the arcane arts.

If you look into the topic of the occult , you will also find negative articles and recounts about the terrible things that can happen if you practice the arcane , but you didn't let it influence you overmuch , did you?

I have another thing to comment here , All of your chakras are open to some degree in everyday life , but not fully opened . You would definately be better off with all of them opened , instead of the two closed .

You third eye gives you intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, etc. You power would definitely reduced if you fully close this chakra and since your crown chakra is your Consiousness , with it closed ,you will be less connected to the universal Life Energy.

I recommend that you forget what the Clueless Baboons wrote and just open it anyway. It will do you a world of good

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Re: Scared of the 3rd eye
Post # 5
3rd eye you dlzhen be opened, if you will deal with clairvoyance and predictions. All other chakras must be "clean", without pollution and negative.
If the chakras are closed, this is a very bad sign, indicating the damage. chakra should always be open, but be under the constant protection
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