Slavic paganism

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Slavic paganism
Post # 1

I have just started recently reasearching about slavic paganism ,and I was wondering if anyone is knows alot about it. I dont want information handed to me or anything , im fine with doing the research , it just if I have a question or would like to discuss it.

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Re: Slavic paganism
Post # 2
I know some information about it, but everything's a work in progress, when it comes to religion.
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Re: Slavic paganism
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Slavics haven't changed much of their traditions since pagan times. There are still many who practice magick, they just have more Christian views now when it comes to religion. Everything like the psanka (colored eggs) and symbolism has merely been transfered to have Christian meaning but originated with their pagan roots. Before the winter holiday meal, the head male of the household in Ukrainian tradition throw a spoonful of kutya on the ceiling! If it sticks, the year will be prosperous. There are twelve dishes at the table of pure candle light (no electricity allowed or Baba will throw something at you!). The 12 dishes represent the 12 months of the year (although its been Christianized to 12 apostles). And you cannot eat a bite of it until the first star shows (representing the ancestors--christianized as the star that led the magi to baby jesus). This is not Christian roots, it is Pagan, but the tradition and the meaning remains integrated!

Honoring spirits of passed on loved ones and ancestors still remains strong as well. Visiting the cemetary and having picnics there to eat with the dead is common. Many pour a little good liquor over the grave to share a drink. On holidays, if a loved one passes away of the immediate family, a setting is still placed for them and the chair remains empty. The family will talk and gesture toward the empty chair when speaking of their loved ones with a smile.

My step family was Ukrainian (my father is Polish) and I truly enjoyed the tradition and culture. Everything has symbolism, the eggs, the colors, especially the wheat! They sprinkle rice and grains on the floors of houses to bless them with prosperity so they will never go hungry. They'll throw handfuls of coins to their floors to bless them with fortune. The icons..oh goodness, never swear in front of a Baba's icons! You'll be driven out of the house! Haha! Aw, I miss that woman, but I'm not without her, she still comes around once in a while, especially the holidays in spirit...

Look into the traditions and from there you will find the roots. Good luck!
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