The Lovers Blade

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The Lovers Blade
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Hey all,

This is a little advanced of an exercise which brings out the romantic nature of ones heart into the present perspective. It requires the practitioner to visualise effectively, be emotionally balanced and prepared to maintain a firm grounding. I have performed this many times and taught a few who have performed well. I have come to believe that this may benefit some of you on here. I ask that whoever performs this is of sound mind. Here we go:

Calling upon the Lovers Blade:

1. This is best performed alone, but can be done as a group. Make any preparations to ground and protect yourself should you feel the need to. As a precaution it is suggested that you have some drinking water at hand to recuperate afterwards.

2. Be sure to remove all upper clothing so that all your torso is open and bare. This can be done with clothing on your torso, however it will inhibit the flow slightly.

3. Place both hands on your chest where your heart should be, making sure that the dominant hand is under your off hand. Allow yourself time to relax yourself with whatever method suits you, even a quick breathing count technique will be good enough.

4. Call upon which deity or ancestor you worship in relation to love. If you have no particular one you worship or are not 'religious' it is advised you call upon Aphrodite (or of course with the permission of whomever/whatever you worship you may call upon her). The call is simple:

"I call upon (insert deity/ancestor here) to allow me to see my heart, to know my heart, to accept my heart through this. Allow me to summon my lovers blade."

5. Prepare your hands while still on your chest as though ready to pull out the sword from your heart, focus through visualisation and metaphysical materialisation the hilt of the blade slowly pushing through, grab the blade with your hands and pull out slowly, holding onto the visualisation.

6. As soon as you have pulled it out take a look with your third eye to see the state of the blade. If you cannot see, then feel or sense. The blade is a representation of your heart in its current state. It should be clear to yourself what state you are in, since it is a part of you that reflects your romance and relationship state.

7. To end this effectively, gently slide the blade back into your heart. This should feel warm and gentle, as you put your lovers blade back where it belongs.

8. Finish off how you would normally in anything you normally do.

And so that is it. How did the blade look to you? If it looked rather bad do not worry, the heart can change. Feel free to ask any questions.
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