Needing some help

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Needing some help
Post # 1
My situation is, my husband and I had a huge fight last year and split, which was caused by our youngest and his wife. They told me my husband was cheating on me and pushed me to make my husband move out. My mom died last month and him and I have been talking and texting. I would love to have him back permanently here with me. Our youngest son and his wife are playing a big role again and causing issues even to the point of twisting lies about me and trying to get people to be mad and hate me because of their twisted stories. My husband right now is living with his sister two counties away and I would love for him to move back into my home which should be our home. How can I stop my youngest son and his wife false stories and troublemaking and get my husband to return home with me and have a long happy marriage.
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Re: Needing some help
Post # 2
The old saying in this new world is called tough love, you remove them from your life completely and eventually they may or may not see the light. In the long run life is too short to be unhappy and alone, if you want him back tell them they are no longer welcomein your home and to stop spreading lies as the legal system has things to say about liable and false utterings.
Blessings and good luck:
P.S. You must grab the bull by the horns and take control to make your life bright and joyful.
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Re: Needing some help
Post # 3
So then was he in 'fact' cheating ? You were the one who drove him away, what has changed now ? If your youngest is spreading lies then say to not only your husband but ALL who know about it that they are LYING !! Ultimately what 'others' think is irrelevant to you and your husband. It's his decision to come back IF you say the truth about how and why he was driven away. He has a difficult choice now as you were the one who made him leave why would he come back IF they are going to get involved AGAIN. Kepp them OUT of the decision making and let YOU and your husband not only decide what you are going to do but also TELL them to KEEP OUT of your lives ! Someone somewhere has an 'agenda' here. Who stands to benefit if you and your husband are 'apart' ??
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