I am Missy

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I am Missy
Post # 1
Hi everybody I am Missy and I have alot of stress in my life and anybody got any advice how to stop the stress or words of kindness to make me feel better? I have been betrayed by famliy and 1 that I thought was loyel and found out wasnt and had to put a protection oder on them to have them leave me alone.
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Re: I am Missy
Post # 2
Hello Missy :) I'm Skylar. I'm no expert on stress, but I have a lot of it in my life. I'm also, and yes I freely admit this, no expert on life. But I am familiar with what you're going through. I've been stabbed in the back so many times by people I trusted that I no longer turn my back anymore. Not even for a second. I guess I'm sort of closed off from trusting someone completely now. Please, don't let that happen to you. I'm pretty sure my inability to trust without reservations is due to the fact that I haven't really forgiven my betrayers. The best thing for you to do right now would be to keep calm and think about the possible consequences of retaliation if the thought of revenge ever threatens to cross your mind. And there are many calming things you can do, from listening to music, to just talking to someone you still trust. I'm so sorry for your losses. Feel free to message me at any time. :)
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Re: I am Missy
Post # 3
Thank you. And I have been betrayed by a few. And thank you for writing and Im also sorry you gone through that as well. Makes you use caution meeting new people and still wonder bout some if they are trust worthey or not. It sucks. And everything seems to happen at once when things do happen. And hope things get better and not worse and I hope by new year I can change the fact I wear my heart on my sleeve and people take advantge of that. And when I do confront some one they will pick on a flaw like my spelling witch sucks.
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Re: I am Missy
Post # 4
Just keep in mind, while you have been hurt or betrayed by some- not everyone is like that. There are plenty of good and kind people out there for you to meet. This site can be a good place for making friends and such. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is preferable, to me, rather than shutting yourself away.
When I am stressed, I tend to run bath water and fill it with lavender salts and petals, light a few candles and meditate: maybe you should try that.
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