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By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
In a world where popular religions rule, we have very little variety to choose from when it comes to stories, children stories, poetry, etc. that we as pagans, witches, or plainly magick practioners can relate to.
Fiction plagues us with its inaccuracies about our beliefs and ways.

I have personally been writing my own children stories for my daughter in order to reach out to her five year old little mind and help her to understand sabbats, elements, mythology and the like. Some of them are just for fun with a pagan twist. Some have morals and values I wish to instill. Others take a mythological figure and put them and their symbolism into a new storyline that I know would appeal to kids.

I have been extremely disappointed by the fact that there is so very little children's pagan literature in circulation! I felt I had no choice but to write my own. I do write poetry and adult short stories, although I never have the nerve to try and publish. I write as a hobby. I would love to share my children's stories with other pagan parents. Hey! Even some adults might enjoy them. =)

I feel that it would be nice if there was an area of this site for creative literature pertaining to magick and/or mythology. It could be built exactly the way the article section is with the ability to rate, but perhaps posted after review to assure that it has validity and is not plaguarized (and if it is copied, all proper credit is given to the author and source). It would be a nice way to share our creativity with like minded people.

I think it would also help draw more people to the site. If you have a few good writers, many people love a good story or poem, even those with no interest in the "spells of magic" that usually attract visitors and new members.

Even I first found this place because of a spellwork writer's block. When I can't think, I read other's spells that have similar goals to provoke thought and creativity. I didn't break my writer's block with the spellbook here, but the forums caught my attention. I love forums. =)

I would suggest that art be included too -- it would cause more site hits through image searches -- but I know that it can increase bandwidth.
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Re: Creativity Center
Post # 2
I whole heartedly agree with this. It's how I first came across the site, as I think was the same for many other members.
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Re: Creativity Center
Post # 3
This is a very interesting idea. The art of writing and literature based on magick is ingenious especially to teach the young children how magick is nothing to be feared and judged against as evil purely.
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Re: Creativity Center
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Stories are what has been used to teach children for thousands of years. Before written word, there was oral tradition. I sometimes I telling her stories I know by heart. But to create my own stories, I need to think them through and write them down first. Plus, these are the years where my daughter is learning to read herself, so reading off of a page (that I illustrate for her too) helps her to develop her cognitive skils and allows her to follow along with her finger.
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Re: Creativity Center
By: / Novice
Post # 5
i came across the site the same way ^_^

i write, i would love to be published, but so far only rejection letters, though there's one publishing house that's promising, i get hand written rejections XD

lol, that sounds really cool, i don't have kids, and i don't want any, but i have been thinking about what it would be like to be a parent. if i was, i would want my kid to hear stories about magick, perhaps instead of the night before christmas, it could be a similar poem about the holy king [of course my kid would still be read the night before christmas] i've written one story, i doubt it'll ever be published, it's more of a story for myself, about two friends life together. one of the firends, her family are wiccan, there's one or two chapters where they go to salem as a family for Beltain and her friend tags along as an observer. i would really like it if there were more fictional books where the characters were of a 'new age' faith. but i fear that would turn out the same as books where the parents are the same gender, and i'm not sure if i'm ready for a huge media freak out. maybe next year ;P
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Re: Creativity Center
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I think that would be interesting. My cousins would have enjoyed that if they'd been younger and Wiccan or Pagan instead of Mormon.
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Re: Creativity Center
Post # 7

This would be a lovely idea to entertain.

And you're right, there is very little Pagan children's stories out there, most of what you can find are tall tales or written as such.

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