What I do to AP

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> What I do to AP

What I do to AP
Post # 1
ok so i thought i would write a forum post on how I AP it encompasses the same exercises well one of them anyways.

so get comfortable what i do is lay down flat on a couch that way you are most comfortable and it is less distracting and i visualize my body the way it is laying down and i see my astral self sit up from my body exactly how someone jumps up as they are laying down in bed. you can use the rope technique as well it does help a lot.

Next. i stand up and i look at my body now keep in mind you will be visualizing this the whole time so try to keep focus on what your astral self is doing.

third and almost last i see myself walking around my house in my astral self at this point it would be good to keep focus on your astral self and not your body pay no attention to what your body is doing. I walk outside or in an open space and i visualize a giant mountain and i start to climb the mountain this serves the purpose of getting away from your body as far as possible i did this meditation a few years ago and it worked wonders but there is something that i read about and heard from a friend called the "cord" which is the connection to your astral self and your body it feels like tension around your waist ignore it and keep climbing.

I visualized my place and kept climbing the higher you get up the mountain the further you get from your body at this point it takes good concentration to hold onto and plus that pesky "cord" that is holding the connection to your body i kept climbing until i stopped because of the cord and i had a sword on my astral body you can visualize a sword or knife and start to cut at the "cord" i successfully broke the cord after a few good hits and what happened to me was a few seconds after i cut the cord my body kinda bounced in my stomach a little bit to me this is normal so i successfully cut the connection and no i did not die so no worries there

I hope this gives hope to all those who wish to AP this is from my personal experience everyones is different

be well
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Re: What I do to AP
Post # 2
How do you get back into your normal body please?
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Re: What I do to AP
Post # 3
two things i do: 1 climb back down the mountain
2. jump off a cliff and free fall back to my body it takes a second to get back but it works for me
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