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No Subject
Post # 1
Good biding to fellow friends out there i have a problem that i need your opinon on. I am new to dealing with supernatral beings. My first was easy and kinda fun for the spirit i work with was nice. Now it is diffrent i am dealing with something that is really nasty. I am trying to help a family deal with the thing in their basement. It afull and mean. For the start it pushed their grand father down the basment stair and he end up in the emergency room. Since thay live in a four apartment house they do their lundry in the basment and this thing would open the washer door and cause a mess for them to clean. When i was aksed to help them and went there this thing tryed to attack me. Lucky for me my guide sheild me form the assult. then it broke all the lights and started trowing chairs at me. i had to get out of there. I wantd to banish it, but my gudie say i should find out more about the thing for it could be anything. I did some research of my own but got little information for the landlord past away six months ago and his son know notthing of the huntting and won't give me and information. I feel that this thing is bad and asked the family to leave but the can't. They are having money trouble. They are a family of ten, living in on pay check to pay check. i feel for the family and want to help them but i am lost myself so i come to ask for advice from anyone who might have somthing for me to try. Please help and keep inmind i do not want to start a war with this thing so i want to work clean and quite.
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Re: No Subject
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Maybe you you should try a binding spell. If you can bind the spirit from hurting anyone that might help. I have a similar problem with a spirit in my neighborhood and this was the advice I got.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 3

Have a protection or cleasning spell? Sometimes spirits are just really welcomed into a hourse if they cause harm to a person. I would try sage smudging. It really helps get rid of negative spirits and energies that may be included with the house they are staying in. Sometimes even if its just negative energy, negative energy can have a big effect on peoples way of living or emotions.

So i would suggest a sage smudging, which is the burning of smadge, you take the sage aroudn the parts of the house, use your hand to wave smudging stick which the sage will be burning off of. You can find these in any of your occult or stores that carry herbs or incenses.

Take the smudging stick wave it around with your hand from left to right, you may say a chant to help you get rid of negative energies and or spirits. Sometimes this helps or sometimes it dosen't. It all depends.

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Re: No Subject
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
yes!!! sage and salt. concentrate them first. before you go down there, shields shields, and shields!!! holy water is also recommended. use esentail oils to draw protection symbols on the walls to protect the house. rosemary, and sage is recommended. crystals are recommended. smokey quartz and citrine, are great. also, put the concentrated oil on the washer to protect it. draw a pentagram if needed. inbox me for more help.
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Re: No Subject
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
No offense, but this is out of your control. How are you going to banish something from a huge building without access to every room? If what you're describing is true, that is a fully manifested spirit, and a very fricken strong one at that. If you try something and fail, you may be the next one going to the ER.

The best thing you can do for the family is ward their apartment(s) from this spirit being capable of entering. Not the building but the individual apartments/rooms. Then give each one of the family members an amulet you've charged that can protect them when they leave their home until they move.

I'm sorry, but in order to successfully get rid of this spirit, that I would say is something far more than a lower spirit, you would need to have access to the entire building, cleanse and banish in every room, and you would need help, at least one or two more people experienced in magick, if not an entire coven. Afterward, everyone involved would need to protect themselves because those type of spirits don't let things go, it may follow someone, even you.

Bottom line, please don't try to get rid of this spirit. More harm than good will come from it. Just use protections. Since it is not your property or this family's (they don't own it) you have very little choice.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 6
Thanks guys, i will give the sage smudging a try and do a sheilding spell in the stairway, i hope it does not anger the thing. Someone also say useing crystals to purify the basment so i will give that a try too. Now about my research I had talk to the others who live in the house and found out more information. The activities are done mostly in the basment and it is really big and have many locked rooms. It was used to store the belongings left by renters in the past. The other hunting witch is new is in the stair ways leading down. It really suprise me that people died in the house, but waht shocked me was that there are two murders in the house, the people past way and no one clam their things so it was stored in the basement. Their apartment is on the upper left on ocupied but a nice old man and old lady. There are also antiques stored in there by random people. I was told that a couple years back in the late 1900s the basment was used by gmablers. One more thig that intrest me is that the hunting firt started in a room in the back part of the basment and now it spreard through the whole basment. I am now thinking that if the thing is not stoped will get stronger and csues more troble. I do not want to hurt the thing down there but if i can't deal with it i will have to get help from the older Shamans. But to do that i need the land lords permission and i think he will just deny and laugh at my request. huh, its hopeless.
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