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Forums -> Misc Topics -> "Vampires"...

By: / Novice
Post # 1
So I think there are a lot of people out there that think they are a vampire, which to me is nonsense in the sense that they talk about. I think there are people out there that are like ?vampires? but I would not call them a vampire, because to me a vampire drinks blood, has fangs, and sleeps in a coffin. Yes I do understand that there are ?psy? vampires, which is the kind of vampire I will be talking about. But there are also ?blood? vampires, to me this is DISGUSTING. I am sorry but if you can drink other peoples blood and not pass out or feel sick, or have to go to the hospital than you need to get help. Period. So the latter ?vampire? is a person that can suck out the energy, or life force, of a person, and they feed off of it. To me, a person that knows this willingly and freely goes around feeding off of others, weather they have been asked or not, is also pretty gross to me. If you know you feed off of other people?s energy, you should stop it. For one, it not only is bad for the other person, but will probably affect you in a negative way. But a real vampire to me is the opposite of an empathic person. These people feed off of other people?s negativity, and emotions and live off of it. They may know that they are doing it, or may not. They also may force the person to feel a certain way because they love it when the other person gets emotional. They tend to be abusive to others, and are mean and nasty, or depressed and sad. They will make other people feel very depressed, sad, even angry. They are like a leech, and you have to remove them from your life. For one its dangerous for your health if you are in near them as they can make you feel dark, and for another it is like having a dark cloud over you which wont go away. You also can help the person, and tell them what they are doing and that they need to find a way to stop doing what they are doing. To me this is a real ?vampire?, a person that feeds off of others emotions. This is all coming from me, and my experiences with people with this tendency. I do not support anyone that tries to believe that they are a vampire in the sense that they probably see it, and the way that I see a ?vampire? I would not call them a ?vampire?.
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Re: "Vampires"...
Post # 2
its nice to hear other opinions on vampires however when people ask if they are one you gotta look at there traits to which a common vampire will have because you do not know that person you have never met them so they could well be a vampire , however no one will say yes you are because they have to find out for themselves so i believe in vampires however thats just my opinion ....
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