My Spiritual Story

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My Spiritual Story
Post # 1
I was born in a Christian family. My dad being the church preacher (basically a baptist priest) and my mom being the church pianist. Even though I spent 13 years in Christianity, I never felt God's presence as promised. When I needed help, I called to him, but never recieved help. I went on 13 years, thinking Christianity was the only way, my ticket into heaven and out of hell. But when I hit 12, I began to develop critical thinking. I thought about it, and it didnt make sense. According to history, Christianity was used to control people. It is also based off of earlier religions. So, I turned to magic. Something I can see. Something I enjoy. Something I have passion for. My parents still, and will not know about this until I move out. This is my spiritual story.
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Re: My Spiritual Story
Post # 2
I also realized Christianity was based off of fear.
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Re: My Spiritual Story
Post # 3
I'm happy you found your peace in this religion/practice/faith, I grew up in a really Christian and homophobic household, I was taught to hate all things that were out of the norm. When i finally came out of the closet I was forced to see that all these things that I thought horrible were actually just demonized. And so I started on my own path, in a direction my parents gape at, but it is my life and I am finally happy with who and where I am in it.
Blessed be
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Re: My Spiritual Story
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

I was Christian myself,than left it for magick. So now I'm looking forward to get back to God, not Christianity tho, because it is based on fear.

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Re: My Spiritual Story
Post # 5
Good for you for finding magick and what makes you happy, but I disagree.
I'm Catholic, and while its true the Holy Mother Church does borrow some of her traditions from pagan religions, it is not in any way based off of them, and in fact only borrowed them in an attempt to gain more followers. Personally I see no reason why one can't be Catholic and practice magick, The Almighty has always been there when I needed him and has never told me not to, so I continue to practice
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