Aspects of Chakras.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Aspects of Chakras.

Aspects of Chakras.
Post # 1
Greetings. First, this is my own view based, on personal study and experience.

To begin with, much is written on the 'right' colours for each of the chakras. People are encouraged to meditate with these colours as the goal. I have found that this is not necessarily the best way forward. In any chakra work, my suggestion would be first to work to discover what colours your own chakras already are. Then, do you really feel a need to change them? Why do we believe that everyone's throat chakra should be blue? Why not silver? Our chakras reflect our personalities, and our diversity is what makes us people. If a soldier's base chakra is deep red, is that not appropriate for who he is? Not all eyes have to be blue, so why do our chakras have to all be the same? (I would like to see some responses to this question).

Secondly. I question the wisdom in seeking to have chakras open. It looks like an exercise towards vulnerbility to me. Rather, I would seek to exercise flexibilty, that is, the ability to control whether or not a particular chakra is open or closed in a given situation. I certainly do not want my heart chakra open when there is furious negativity flying about the place. So, practice opening and closing at will.

There is a vertical spine of energy in our bodies, from above our crowns, going out at the base chakra between our legs. If you want to start chakra work, it is this that first needs working on, as it is the stem for all the chakras. Much like gardening, - if you don't look after the roots, the flowers will not flourish. You can start chakra stem work by breathing exercises. Stand up straight, bring an in-breath through your crown, and breath it out between your legs. Reverse this by breathing in from your root, and out hrough your crown. You will feel the effect straight away.

Lastly, I believe there are more than the traditional seven chakras. These are not nadis, they are chakras. My favourite is the chakras in our feet, - which we all know from grounding exercises. We also have chakras in our hands, - we know these from healing. Again, - my view.

So, find out for yourself the colours of your chakras. It is like cooking, there is no right or wrong way. If you are happy, keep it. If not, change it to suit yourself. None of us ever thrived from trying to be a person we are not.

~ Zebrah.
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Re: Aspects of Chakras.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
YES!!! Finally! Someone says it! Thank you!!!
*hugs Zebrah*

Yes I believe that chakras should be LEFT ALONE.

They are like spiritual organs. They function as they need to. Our spiritual body has its own spiritual version of an immune system, and our chakras will close more and slow down when damaged or when we are not ready for them to be opened. Opened chakras are sensitive and you can actually hurt yourself by forcefully opening a chakra when you are not capable of handling it!

Its like jumping into the water before you learn to swim.

As we use our gifts and practice they naturally open AS WE BECOME READY.

They open and close as needed. Hour by hour they can change size if we do not force them this way and that.

A closed chakra is a protected one! If you force it wide open how in the hell is it going to protect itself thereby protecting you? You're open everything, ready or not. And then you have to do extra work just to "maintain" chakras that were perfectly capable of maintaining themselves before you touched them!

Our body knows what to do. Physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Every single one of them is integrated with each other. Mess with one and you can effect them all. It is foolish to touch something you do not fully understand.

Thank you again zebrah. I feel better now. The rant helped lol
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Re: Aspects of Chakras.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
And yes they are in your hands as well as your feet too. I've also discovered that when someone denies their clairaudience the energy around their ears slow down which makes me believe their are ones there too.
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Re: Aspects of Chakras.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I really enjoyed reading this!

I also had similar questions about chakras and from my own personal research, understanding, and experience the chakras are an equal distribution of energy from our life-force(Oversoul), and they function like organs for our soul, and our soul navigates through our mundane bodies. Each chakra has a specific function, characteristics, and personality. but because each energy has specific characteristics they are associated with a color; different colors are associated with meanings as well as the color stimulates the personality of the corresponding chakra . also it is said that our life-force(Oversoul) is in it self a chakra and is said to be silvery and rainbow colored when the soul returns to the Oversoul(life-force) for a moment after each life; and when your soul is in your bodies your life-force is silver;meaning the 7 colors of your main chakras are the energies given from your life- force, personally i try to maintain and build a strong relationship with my spiritual self so the color of my oversoul(life-force) is irrelevant to me. I concern my self it's character so that I live this life more like it.

connecting with and activating the chakras brings one closer to there soul and allows us to be conscious to the things that are unconsciously working in us, the earth, and the cosmos however, I don't agree that a person should be quick to open every chakra it is dangerous and can lead to spiritual, mental, and physical problems and defects. in my opinion i believe this instantaneousness quest to activate all the chakrs is product of microwave magick a desire that comes with out experience. I personally believe that Magick begins with self. I believe that the heart chakra is opened first at birth and needs to be activated and centered first with magick practitioners because it is the chakra of emotion and self truth. The ability to control your emotions and learn who you are and accept who you are and drawing from your own power comes before connecting with foreign energies though it is beneficial to do so as you grow. also that the unlocking and then centering the chakras closest to the heart with the corresponding chakras in balance evenly is the best way to prevent harm, while having a active connection with earth such as gardening, sports, caring for animals ect...

I agree that there are other chakras, but I believe that in the hands and feet as well as other points in the body are energy sensory points that connect to your chakra, acupuncture is one exemplary practice that use those points to connect with your chakras.

again! this is just from my understanding and personal experience

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Re: Aspects of Chakras.
Post # 5
Thankyou for your thoughts, Rav3n and forte :)
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