how to make a coven

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how to make a coven
Post # 1
hey does anyone know how to make your own coven I really want to make one on this site

Re: how to make a coven
Post # 2
You can't at the moment. That option has been closed by site administration.
For now, I suggest just joining a coven, and possibly working your way up like that.

Re: how to make a coven
Post # 3
Due to some issues and concerns, the coven making ability has been closed. Like Nallius said, try joining a coven. They all offer so much, its hard not to find what your looking for.

Re: how to make a coven
By: / Adept
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Covens from Welcome.

Re: how do you join
Post # 5
Any one now how to join a coven I am new??

Re: how to make a coven
Post # 6
You know, this thread is 3 years old? Lol you could've started a new one. Anyway, to join a coven you go to the 'Group' link so you may look through and find a coven that you feel is best for you. Once you have and you are on the coven page if your choice, you must read through the bio to find the instructions and questions to answer then submit that application to the coven by clicking on the 'submit application' link, then send your application to the priest, priestess, both priest and priestess, PR whoever the coven requires you to mail it to.

Re: how to make a coven
Post # 7
Why has the ability to create a coven been removed?

Re: how to make a coven
Post # 8
Because there are enough active covens. You can, however, apply for the priest/priestess position in one of the inactive covens. Go to the group page and there should be instructions on how to do so on it.

Re: how to make a coven
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

Before you go trying to apply to take over an inactive coven you first need to have been a site member for at least three months. In addition you have to have demonstrated knowledge of magic, etc and shown that you have contributed to this site through writing articles, contributing in the forums, and generally showing that you know what you're talking about. In addition, you need to demonstrate the maturity and commitment to lead a coven. At that point you can approach the site administrator about leading a group. However, if you badger him about it or keep asking to either start a new coven or take over an old one he is apt to remove you from SOM.

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