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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
This is only based on my knowledge about runes ok...
Just correct me if I'm wrong..
Thanks and blessed be!

>Aqeil of second sight..

Runic Origins
By: Aqeil
Runes origins lay buried in the distant past, predating the oldest religions. It was at that time that people who practice this ancient system of magic and divination have been persecuted almost to the point of extinction. In addition to this there are those perverse use of runic symbolism has tainted many people?s view. Adolf Hitler added form of runic occultism to his idea of creating a master race. Several of these runic symbols were adopted as insignias by the Nazis, and probably the most instantly recognizable is the use of SOWELU (the S-rune) by the infamous SS.
But despite the corruption and persecution, today our fascination and curiosity with their powers and symbolisms are still alive and well.
It is often the symbolism that most people are initially drawn to. Runic symbols adorn jewelry and clothing, also often with the wearer being oblivious to their mystical meanings and significance. But more and more people are discovering he magical potential of this ancient system.
Runes are a form of alphabet developed in I guess Northern Europe or somewhere there. They represent the Old Norse Language used by the Scandinavian peoples up to about 700AD. And oh! Note this; The precise origins of the runes are still unclear and the subject of scholarly debate but it is thought that the evolution of the German rune alphabet was complete by 200AD. The word ?rune? itself is thought to translate as ?Secret Whisper?.
The runes are strongly connected with the Viking Gods and Mythology, for example Fehu the first rune in the futhark, is connected with frey, the god of fertility. The Gods themselves were thought to be able to use the runes to call up the elemental forces of nature. Indeed it was believed that Odin could resurrect the dead by using the runes.
With the decline of the Roman Empire, German tribes began spreading through central and southern part of Europe invading Spain and parts of Britain. Some people chose to work with the runes learning how to unlock the power and the magic they possessed; others viewed the runic symbols as bringer of good fortune.
Due to these wide geographic spread, the localized variations began to inevitably creep into the rune system. In some cases additional runes were added, in others runes were combined; in Scandinavia the number of the runes were reduced up to sixteen (16), while in certain parts of England the number was increased to as many as thirty-three (33). In my own rune Chart was just only Twenty-two (22) (but my chart contains the original symbols of the Futhark). I personally believed that this ?Tampering? with the original alphabet only serve to weaken their magical powers and potentials.
As the magic system the German Futhark of the eight century is generally held to be the ultimate refinement. The word futhark is simply derived from the phonetic characters of the first six German runes (Fehu, Urus, Thurisaz, Ansus, Raidho, and Kenaz). The runes very much became part of everyday life, their spiritual and magical properties meant they became part of the many different aspects of existence at that time, from healing to divination to ceremonial and religious. However this acceptance brought it in to direct conflict with the growing Christian Church.

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