Small Magick Lesson

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Small Magick Lesson
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
First I'll like to say that I try hard to sum up the necessary info for this lesson, so please do not disrespect this lesson by saying how wrong it is or otherwise.

Magick is an Art and Science. Yeah we all know that or should at least heard it once in our life. If not then we clearly don't understand what Magick is. But what does it mean by an art and science? I believe the art part means the beauty of creating/changing our lives. Think about the last spell/rite you have done, don't you agree it felt beautiful? Well it highly depends on the type of spell (spells don't have types. Yes we like to call them white magick, gray magick, and black magick. But that doesn't make the spell good or evil, it is how we use the spell that gets the name white magick. Like lets say I got a white spell and intend to do harm to my enemies with it somehow, then it would be renamed as gray magick not white anymore.) you use, if it worked at all, or if your too impatient for the results. None the less doing the work is a beautiful thing. The reason why it is a Science, I believe, is because there is so much knowledge in the spell. I have been keeping a Book of Shadows and it is full of herbs, moon phases, days of the week, months, colors, candles, and a lot more. Each of them tells me what each one will do. Now if I combine some together then it will create a spell. To me, that is like mixing chemicals together to get something new. Everything has a meaning to it, if you look hard enough then you can find it (lets just hope it is the right meaning and not something that is made up). So hopefully you understand the phase, "Magick is an Art and an Science." Remember, the more you understand something the more likely you can do it.

Now that you understand Magick a little bit (I wrote this lesson as if you never heard or just started Magick so don't get upset) I can share you the majority of the Lesson. Magick is everything and anything. It is in your keyboard, desk, books, air. What I mean is that there is always a flow of Magick in everything, that is what connects spells together. If one is absent of this Magick then it will easily draw in some that is surrounding it. If you don't believe then think about space. It is airless. But if you throw in a balloon into it then it will starch the air until the balloon pops (starch as it makes it more roomie). Now that you know everything has the energy flow you are now ready to move on.

Magick isn't wrong or right. In fact it really doesn't have to be right. "Nothing is 100% right or 100% wrong" That is my own theory that I made. I could say that the color green is for luck, but there are also other meanings to it. So if you burn the candle that is green are you just getting luck? Maybe. Can you find a way to get just luck? Maybe. This includes books, posts, people, and facts we believe in. Is it possible that all those things happened? Yeah but that doesn't mean those books, posts, people, and facts are telling it exactly right. You always have one person or two telling otherwise to the fact a person gives. This is why Magick is hard to control, because you don't know all the facts and may have gotten a few wrong facts. So be careful on your sources.

I think I made this short lesson long enough, but just in case here is another thing you might want to know. Magick is how you see the world and yourself. So if your saying your a Pagan but don't really worship any Gods or Goddesses then that is fine. Or if your saying your a Wiccan but don't really do any spells of any kind. (Magick is what you believe what it is, but that still means you have to know what Paganism is all about so you can explain to others about a pure Pagan.)

Hopefully you found this useful and not just a waste of your time. Any replies or otherwise will be nice.
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Re: Small Magick Lesson
Post # 2
it was very refreshing to read a more in depth explanation about magick, i enjoyed it :)
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Re: Small Magick Lesson
Post # 3

First of all i must say is that, when writing a thread such as these one must be open to constructive critisism, without it you won't grow at all. This is truly part of our learning experience cause life is a jourey of learning. Now to my small tid bit, i generally found this post ok, but i must add my two cents.

Now first off all, i believe we all understand that the white and black are terms for the intent, thus i do not believe that one can say i use a "white spell" for negative. We know that that white spells don't exist and its simply meaning a spell done with postive energy or one done with negative energy. I believe you will be defeating the purpose to try to say with white you can negative cause it will just be a confused mixture of semantics.

Number two i would just like to add a touch on what paganism is. so instead of me typing out about the earth based culture etc. I am going to leave here with some links. Very educating videos, enjoy. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

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Re: Small Magick Lesson
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thanks for the replies! I really enjoyed the videos but I also put in my lesson "(I wrote this lesson as if you never heard or just started Magick so don't get upset)"

The way I learn white, gray, and dark Magick is the way I described in my lesson. To me that sounded the most correct and not just saying that is white because it is good. For example, lets say I have a spell to protect my child so she cannot use powerful Magick. It is a good cause therefor it is White Magick. Now what if I used that same spell to bind my enemy so he or she cannot do powerful Magick (powerful Magick as in Rites). Since I am binding them in only doing weak spells it is now Gray Magick.

I hope that helped a little bit.
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