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Post # 1
I just found out that my birth mom was a wicca dose that make me wicca? and if so how come none fo the spells i try work
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Re: confused
Post # 2
I've only done magic for about 6 months now but, it's your decision, do you want to be Wiccan? and it takes time and practice to get your spells to start working,
spells can't automatically work (trust me that's what I used to think when I first started) just have patience. think about it, who k pea you might find a totally different religion that works for you. it all depends on what you believe in.
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Re: confused
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Having a Wiccan mother or parent, does not make you a wiccan, as well as having a christian parent does not make you a christian. Being wiccan is more than a family thing, it is a realigion and it shows from the heart.
The reason your spells might not be working, is because you are not doing them properly.

With a true need, respecting the magic you are doing, and taking into consideration your intentions (do you really believe sole heartedly in what you are doing?).
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Re: confused
Post # 4
Wicca is a religion, not a race. Its not like you have 2 white parents so you're white or you have 2 black parents and your black or you have 1 white parent and 1 black parent and your mixed. As a religion you choose it...or you don't. You can put a lot of energy into doing the spells on this site or you can choose not to. You pick your own religion and you choose where it takes you and where you want to go with it just like a member of any other religion does.
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Re: confused
Post # 5
Alot of the way wicca is portrayed in media makes it seem like magic is passed down by our parents, via a special bloodline usually.
Magic is In our blood without magic being a special bloodline. Anyone can use it.

That being said, if you do want to study magic and you do not feel that wicca "clicks" there are many pagan options open as well (I believe that the norse gods are still being worshiped in Asatru). Magic takes a lot of work to ensure you have enough energy for the effect you wish to cause. Nowadays people want to skip the basics and rush into casting, when the basics are literially your foundation for the future of your magical path.

The more you invest time into magic, the more it will return well for you. If you aren't inclined or able to invest months and years into it, well you get what you pay for.
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Re: confused
Post # 6
ok thank you all
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