Truth spells yes or no ?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Truth spells yes or no ?

Truth spells yes or no ?
By: / Novice
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Is it justified to make someone speak the truth ?
Are the reasons behind someones silencing righteous ?
Do we bend someones Free will when we cast Truth spell upon them ?

All of the above can be answered with both yes and no. It is generally considered in occult that compelling someone to tell the truth is black, or at very least gray magick as it effects free will.

Blessings !
But let me ask You this, If a person is testifying falsely to make an innocent go to jail, is the Truth spell justified to use on this occasion ? If someone pretends to be Your friend, just so they can be close to You and harm You , and You suspect this and would like it checked ? If someone is badmouthing You and speaking lies about You , perhaps before You stab pins to beef tongue ( silencing spell ) , You can consider making them tell the truth , that they lied due to their envy and wish to harm You ?

Magick can not always be classified in black and white category , and often it is the Practitioner's intent that gives it a "color"

So If someone tells You how Truth magick is evil, don't You listen to their silly speeches born in blind conviction and narrowness of mind, but question Your intents and needs rather. Make sure they are valid.

Nevertheless, despite the ever continuing discussion on morality and ethics of such spells, they are very useful l and good to know. They are also a lacking category , which is largely underestimated in occult :/ and it should not be. Truth spells always lack, so I shall suggest few usefull tips about them here :

* Truth spells should be preformed on Days and in hours of Mercury , and perhaps on Days and in hours of Saturn if the Goal is to make a liar confess , to compel them to do so

* Symbols that can be used are bindrunes , then daggaz and laguz rune , AWEN Druidic symbol , shinjitsu symbol and personal sigls and such
Bible is used in Conjue traduition as a symbol of Truth :)

* Oils such as Truth oil , Essence of Bend over , Fiery Command oil are best choice for personal , target dressing and candles

* Herbs that are good for truth are Bluebell and Clairy Sage, among others , but these two are most powerful for this purpose . Compelling and Controling herbs make a great addition.

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