What is this dream?

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What is this dream?
Post # 1
So last night I fell asleep and had a dream. In my dream I was in a tall, white room, it was blurry a bit, and I could see a black couch. Then I was looking around (I wasn't moving) and I saw my self, and I didn't do anything but it was like asking 'What's happening??' And my clone understood. He responded with "Dude, I think you're astral projecting." In a "Oh crap, we're screwed." After that it was all black and blurry. What was this dream?
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Re: What is this dream?
Post # 2
I honestly have no idea.

Try checking a dream dictionary or something like that.
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Re: What is this dream?
Post # 3
Well if I start with the room itself the white typically represents purity, perfection, awareness or awakening however some cultures (mainly eastern) associate white with death although I can't see any obvious link to death here so I think you're safe on that one. The couch may mean that you need rest or to relax, it could also mean that you're bored and don't want to rest (slightly confusing there I know) were you or your double on the couch at all? It makes a surprising difference. The fact that the coach was black (and the only black in the room) suggests that something is unknown or mysterious (again it may also be tied into danger or death) Was your double in colour? Black and white dreams usually have a symbolism for a lack of decisiveness (or also of depression). As for your double that can suggest a few things as well, wanting to recapture the past or that you are working harder than necessary (in this instance I doubt the latter applies). Now as for the feeling portrayed in the dream, confusion suggests well confusion surprisingly enough lol or not knowing which action to take, then the sort of fear feeling typically would mean you're doubting yourself or feel you lack control of your life, it can (and normally does) tie in with anger in the waking world as well.

Now from all of this MY interpretation (which could be wrong) would be that you may need to take a look and re-evaluate your current situation and possibly try throwing in a few things from outside a regular dream, I would also try to make a bit more "me" time. As I say that's my interpretation its not necessarily correct :) hope that helped though
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Re: What is this dream?
Post # 4

I am starting to remember more colors as time passes. The walls were a medium gray and was sort of gilded with dark colors on the sides of the room, my clone was wearing a dark green shirt and everything was blurry. The couch's cushions were a red-purple and it had an elegant wood frame. Thanks,
Blessed Be
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Re: What is this dream?
Post # 5
If you are actually astral projecting then you should try to project yourself to someone you know. they should be awake and you asleep. then they would be able to tell you if you have done it. just try to recreate that night of what you did before you went to sleep.

if its just a dream... in my case, how my dreams interpret to me, you are going to learn how to astral project.

you can look up the color representation on any dream dictionary. yet always a dream has something meaning to the dreamer and many may not interpret the dreams the same.
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