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Post # 1
I'm just starting to learn witchcraft, and somewhere along the way I heard about psi balls, so I researched it and tried it. I've tried it several times but so far I don't think it's working.

It's actually quite tiring to concentrate so hard.

Anyway, my question is.. if I can't even create psi balls, does this mean I'll have trouble with casting spells and other things?

I guess I'm wondering if there is a connection between the ability to create psi energy balls and abilities to cast spells.

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Re: abilities
Post # 2
Just keep practicing and meditate. You will start to get it easier and easier, and then you can do it quickly and you can use the energy manipulation for spells.

If you go to they have a lot of helpful articles
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Re: abilities
Post # 3
Maybe this will help. First off when your trying to make a psi ball never tighten the muscles in your hands. Always stay as relaxed as possible.

Another tip is if you don't seem to be able to form one from the energy in your own body try imagining it coming from the air around you as you form the psi ball.
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Re: abilities
Post # 4
Psi balls and other things of such are generally energy manipulation and that in particular is indeed how spells work.
Regardless, spells are when using energy through set, strict technique that usually allow little room for errors in that they commonly are cast with energy beyond that of your own - while as energy manipulation is much more broad in it's countless techniques (besides those included in spell themselves) and are also entirely resting on your own energy or rather the energy residing in your body at the moment.

Just because psi techniques are difficult for you, does not mean that your spell-casting ability will be faltered.


Also, many times at first, psi balls can not be seen because your energy is so (forgive me for the term) weak; beginners have not yet worked much with their own energy much less casting it outwards from the body therefore not dense nor strong enough to be seen.
In that, you probably were successful you just haven't worked enough with it to really see anything.

As said above, practice is the answer here.
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Re: abilities
Post # 5
Err, I don't quite agree with you Snow. You might never ''see'' a psi ball unless you have the sight. And even if you do manage to get it to the point where you and others can see it your just wasting energy on the viable spectrum. Perhaps for some people that happens naturally but not for me. And I will say that some very un-awakened people have felt the effects of my psi balls.

Moreover energy control is very important for spells. You must learn to control the energy you put into a spell or things could go wrong.

I would say you should try feeling it. Feeling is more important then sight.
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Re: abilities
Post # 6
Learn the basics...grounding, centering, meditation and visualization. After you master these, you can learn more difficult magical acts.
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Re: abilities
Post # 7
Thanks guys, all this advice has helped a lot and motivated me to keep trying.

I appreciate the advice about NOT tensing my hands, I was practically tensing my entire body LOL, no wonder it was so exhausting.

Thanks again, I'm really grateful for this forum.

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Re: abilities
Post # 8
You're welcome and I'm sure the others feel the same.

Feeling being more important than sight is a matter of opinion. I was not exactly insisting that sight is all that important I was simply replying to the original problem given, she couldn't ''see'' her psi energy.

As for the the certain sight needed to see psi energy that would mostly be for other people; but, the strength within the psi of oneself differs and in that their ability to see their own differs with it.

It seems that I was simply misunderstood; I'm sorry for not being more clear.

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