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feeling it
Post # 1
i think that ive come close to ap but i need to know do you feel things like they would in the physical, and when do you start to see things?

~Blessed be,
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Re: feeling it
Post # 2
Close your eyes and picture what it would look like to be floating a few inches above your live body from a first person point of view. Have your spirit float to that spot in the air, looking at the ceiling. It is the closest feeling to levitating without actually doing it. You may feel like you are in two places at once. It will feel like you can feel your alive body and your ap body at the same time. This is called bi locating. This happens because your focus is divided.

Notice the details around you. If the room is dark, what you should see is a dark room. Some details may be less noticeable than when you are in your room awake. Some details will stand out more.

Also, you need to know the exact location you are going to project to. The more you know about the area and the exact spot you are going to ap to the easier it will be.
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Re: feeling it
Post # 3
hiya, me personally, i have felt some emotions but i havent been able to touch physical things in the same way,ie, you can pass through doors. Sometimes physical things such as walls, etc can be similar but a different colour, or pattern.

Theres sometimes at first when I've felt a buzzing sensation just before I've left my body and that can be distracting or even frightening. ( but its just chakra activity).
You can try and WILL yourself somewhere nice as soon as you feel like you've left your body, so that you actually go somewhere and see stuff.
The best way I get out is through an invisible rope via my third eye area, i recommend it, as its so liberating when you leave your body.
I recommend- Treatise on astral projection, by Robert Bruce and Astral projection for beginners by edain McCoy.
I also advise to be in a positive frame of mind before astral projection, believe me, Its a good idea, to help to raise your vibrations before your astral journey
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Re: feeling it
Post # 4
oh by the way, things feel quite trippy, when you first come out
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Re: feeling it
Post # 5
thsnkd to all of you its been a great help!!!
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