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look please
Post # 1
i know in the past (around 1 year ago) i did stupid things as in ask for help in necromancy and then ten minutes later ask if anyone wanted to learn i was foolish and then i asked if anyone wanted rune teachings yet again -.- foolish im asking something i rarely ever ask and that is for help...i need one person and one person only just one mage/wizard who can take me under there wing...and lead me down the right path so that in the future i can hope that instead of around 70 percent of the populace disliking me they can hopefully respect and love me :) if this is too much to ask i will delete this posting and no i will not argue and be stubborn...i will accept and go on and learn this is my only request
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Re: look please
Post # 2
Z it wasnt a year ago just a few months. And personally I could care less. Really?? Ditch the new screen name, unfortunately I've been out for a month with work. So whatever you did to dig this hole and feel this way... just deal with it. Apologize for whatever you feel the need to do so for, and move on. You are spending way too much time worried about what others think of you. Me personally I'm the type to speak my mind no matter who i bothered by it, nor which Moderator it irritates. No one in here scares me, and nothing bothers me. So I'm sure there is a huge handful that dislike me as well. You can't control what people think of you, some will think ill thoughts no matter what you do. At point you were apart of this online community, and I haven't a clue what has transpired since I was gone. But whatever it may have been, just forget it tomorrow is another day. Put it behind you and try to be better.
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Re: look please
Post # 3
well nvm i heard he got gagged permermently and not even told thats kinda messed up you know? its weird then his coven was stolen! haha
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