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Quite Important
Post # 1
Me and a very close friend have suffered at the hands of our exs..we were both used months after we even broke up with our men and today it came to a head for both of us and we are both deeply angry and upset.

Is there a spell that can maybe protect us from our ex boyfriends? Prevent them from causing us any more emotional pain etc? And also is there a spell to bring new love into your life??

This really does mean a lot to the both of us because we need to be protected from these men so we will never get hurt again by them, and yes you can do the whole silly "just never talk them again" response but this lies a lot deeper than just cutting communication..

Please help us both we will be so greatful for any real and genuine help
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Re: Quite Important
Post # 2
What you are looking for is to put one fire out and burn another one.
You want to loose emotional pain and find another love. You surely know that love is sacrifice, so new love will bring you pain if you are so sensitive and easy to hurt.

I know how you feel, I'm emotional to, but you should fight with your heart not with some silly spells. Spell will bring you temporary luck but universe need something in return and you pay for it.

Don't forget, time heal everything.
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Re: Quite Important
Post # 3
Sot, I think we need one that won't send anyone to jail. hehe.

I don't know of such spells, since I don't do love spells, but someone who does can help you.
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Re: Quite Important
By: / Adept
Post # 4
Google "Cut and Clear Spell" and also "Fiery Wall of Protection Spell."
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Re: Quite Important
Post # 5
it seems that perhaps you have in part sought this out for your life can only be used repeatedly if they allow themselves to be. and the statements of the first paragraph seem to reflect one who has knowingly gone back into a situation that they say they want to be free of so perhaps you need a protection spell not from the ex but more from yourself. you have the ability to make a choice and now it seems you are unhappy with the choice and want a magickal means to fix it. the answer is not magickal but rather lies within yourself. make a choice and stick with it. if there are other issues which you have not disclosed here then perhaps your answer is a restraining order.

as for finding new love....allow your heart time to heal before rushing into someone else. as a wise man once said...."all things in time" heal your own hurt before opening to another
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