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Name: AdamnTripp
Birthday: Nov 1 1992
Location: Hopewell,Virginia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 01 Aug 2013

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Hello to all, My name is Adam, but may refer to me as Rayven or Kira, which ever you prefer. I am guard, one of a code, will, and noble. I have been at practice with the arts for almost half my life. Over the years I have across some very well gifted and talented individuals, which has let me to believe anything is truly possible. I became a member of this site for three reasons : First, to learn and share wisdom, questions and answers, and knowledge. Second, I enjoy being introduced to people of this subject such as Spiritual and Spell crafting. Third, the large number of young who come here with the will and desire to study and learn the arts. This I admin greatly. Along with the individuals I have known personally, I was inspired to Start and Organization known as The Sixth, this organization serves as a coven and order as well. Sadly you will not find a hub for it on here. I practice the colors of White, Grey, and Black magick. Along with this knowledge I am glad to offer any help to a question one may have. Earlier I mentioned I am guard, This is a old legend lost to time itself, Part it stated that all people with natural psychic abilities are descendents of an order which its members were known as "Guardians". My abilities include the act of removing harmful energy such as physical pain from a person and trance visions of the near future. I favor astrology and I myself am a Scorpio, one that very well matches the detail. I believe it all spiritual deities but that does not mean I worship all of them. For example, I believe in the Christian and Islam gods but do not choose to follow them. I am a writer and artist taking great pride in my work. I also show great interest in Universe Law and Chaos, as well as the Law of Attraction. I believe life to be what I call a "blessing curse". Although there is much personal details of my life and the events of it that I would like to share, I feel that it is not preferred to be open with such things.

I have seen into the past, and guide myself into the future. With a heart of trails, sacred and stabbed I march forward onto the dawn. With vampire heart and wings of a fallen stained black, I search to find a meaning, desire to answer questions that have no answer. I will always fight to be at peace, to return the bliss that was once in my life, even if this fight must take a life time and into the next. I am Guard, I am Rayven.

My main research projects are

:Inequal Balance theory - energy behavior

:3/4 Theory - energy patterns

:Soul Map project

:Kira's Notebook

:Energy format and direct flow

If you have questions of them please let me know

You are what you dare


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