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Name: cancergemini
Location: Tennessee
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 02 Jul 2010

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ok...this sucks...i was talking on chat normally and the person before me got caught with caps and yet i was the one to kicked off of says i no longer have permission to chat...its a bunch of bull....i did nothing.. and i went to go agree to terms on the chat thing ..and it wouldnt let not creating another acount just because someone messed thank you.. so sorry spirit seers but i cant talk on chat because of a mod....

well im 16..and by birthday is inbetween a cancer and a gemini.... its on the 21st of june...well anyways i've always known there was more to life then meets the eye. always. i use to see ghosts when i was a kid and my religion stated there were no such things as ghosts. well that made me mad because there were way too many contridictions with the bible i just quit the religion. i even did magic when i was about 10 and didnt even know it. i put everything i wanted to be in a special bag of mine and never touched it again. it contained pictures etc. and now i finally found the relgion for me-wicca.

later on (about my 8th-9th grade year) i made some new friends... that i currently realised have a lot to do with my religion they guided me and i guided them.. i am recently working on astral projecting and only do magick for the greater good. i do not do any black magick of any sort... and hope i will never be tempted... well my friends and i have done magic here and there everyonce in a while and one of them is real special to me her name is Victoria. she shes the future and who you are... well she told me about my guardian and who i was.... my goddess' name is Belisamma and I am half angel...

i do great with energy and my element is water for now..i feel connected to it but something is different...something but i dont know....i did this thing with fire and i think i have more of an affinaty for it..

so i think thats pretty much the basics... and oh im looking for a teacher who is somewhat like me and a coven that is similar thank you and blessed be!


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