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Name: SpiritGlitch
Birthday: Jun 1
Location: In Cyberspace
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 29 Sep 2016

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?No, you don't know what it's like

When nothing feels all right

You don't know what it's like

To be like me

To be hurt

To feel lost

To be left out in the dark

To be kicked when you're down

To feel like you've been pushed around

To be on the edge of breaking down

And no one's there to save you

No, you don't know what it's like

Welcome to my life?

Hello,My name is Samantha.I am anti-social and a big geek.I can be very shy so sorry for that.I am emo.

Enjoy some quotes and poems

?Hush little baby, Dont you cry, Dont cut your arms, Dont say goodbye. Put down that razor, Put down that light, It maybe hard but, You'll win this fight.?

?Oh God just look at me now... one night opens words and utters pain... I cannot begin to explain to you... this... I am not here. This is not happening. Oh wait, it is, isn't it?

I am a ghost. I am not here, not really. You see skin and cuts and frailty...these are symptoms, you known, of a ghost. An unclear image with unclear thoughts whispering vague things...

If I told you what was really in my head, you''d never let me leave this place. And I have no desire to spend time in hell while I'm still, in theory, alive.?

This is not a poem about a rose

Nor a poem, about diligence and beauty

Today, I sit and stare at the walls

Walls, that bare the complexity of life

Every breath, every tear I shed in my room

Set out to pollinate every seed, every bud-

Life once - was the perfection of everything

Now, water drops as I drown in my sentiments

--- Sentiments that no longer hold meaning

I feel so empty now that you are gone.

This is not a poem about a rose,

Rather, it may be, I write about death

Death is a man with no face

A man who sits every night

Patiently, he sits on the edge of everything

Waiting and waiting,

For the thorn to prick the stem of who I am,

Who I used to be, in hopes I end the suffering

Every night he sits on the bedside

Watching and waiting

As I gaze deep into the dark watery walls

I lose the strength and resilience in my eyes.

Creating a dormancy, that shuts out the light

In a place where darkness prunes itself another day

There and only there,

I draw the silhouettes where life once bloomed

The echoes of my heart still call out your name

A name that no longer exists by my side

Slowly, the musk withers into the air

In remembrance, you were once here

Perfection Gone, ~And a rose is just a rose~

I sit alone in the dark

In the dark I sit alone

Nobody sees me

I see nobody

Flowers, above

My eyes have darkened to a color never seen before

Forever closed!

It Rains!

It Rains!

In this room, I've drowned too many times

I remember cascades of water under my eyes

My satin sheets wrinkle and cold

I die and die every night

No one sees the pain that kills me every day

Wounds that reach 6 feet deep

Lucid demons

Bleeding wrist

Scary dreams

My mind is screaming





Is how I live

I'm alone-

No one's around.

My body's like a coffin

Stiff in my own home.

Her paintbrush is a razor,

Her canvas, her wrists,

"I deserve the pain."

She shrugs and insists.

One day the brush will push down,

And it will cut so deep,

That this girl will fall

into an eternal sleep.

She doesn't remember how she started

What brought her interest to this,

How do you discover,

that cutting is your form of bliss?

No one would have guessed that she does it.

No one would have considered this one.

This girl is forever fighting a battle,

that she thinks the demons have won.

Her artwork is all over her,

Her beauty is on her thighs,

and if you look in her old trash,

you'll find her letters of goodbye.

Her masterpiece is quite disturbing,

Her masterpiece is a little gory,

Her artwork is her escape.

Let me tell you her story.

She compares herself to every person,

She is compared to each girl.

She thinks she's hideous,

And there's this boy that is her world.

She was bullied and picked on,

She was teased from head to toe,

Hard to believe that her best friend,

was her one and only foe.

Then later she disliked every little thing,

Her body, face and even her mind,

Soon she saw she was a failure,

and it was just in due time...

That this girl couldn't take it anymore

She'd decided she was done living this,

So one day she went home

and decided to end it.

Everyday for multiple days,

This girl would try to drown,

Hard to believe this girl at school,

never ever wore a frown.

Sometimes she'd just fall asleep crying,

Praying that she'd be enough,

Because she didn't want to leave her family.

She knew about their sweet love.

This girl found hope in small things eventually,

She soon would see this beautiful light,

and find a REAL best friend,

that helped her put up a fight.

Her masterpiece soon was leaving,

Her artwork was almost faded,

and it gave her a sick feeling,

the feeling of being jaded.

She found a boy that actually loved her,

And showed her love exists,

And this boy too had a masterpiece,

placed close to his wrists.

He related to her and she related to him.

She kissed his artwork and said he's not alone,

When she cut herself it hurt him,

Her masterpiece now wasn't just her own.

Her masterpiece effected others,

Her artwork wasn't just for herself,

She now had people,

who saw her cries for help.

And then her family found out,

So then they saw the art too,

to them they were just scars,

To her they were the truth.

She's trying to be okay now,

She thinks she might survive,

Even though they didn't think

to take away the knives.

Have A Beautiful Day


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