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Name: DarkHorse00
Birthday: Oct 5 2000
Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 30 Dec 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Soul Element: Fire- I am a natural leader and I pursue my goals with passion and intensity.

Spirit Animal: Wolf- My life is my family. My home is where my family is.

Abilities: Discernment

Bad Habits: Not worrying about myself.

Native American Name: Akecheta which translates to fighter.

Native American Heritage: Apache which translates to ememy.

Native Spirit Amimal: Bear-You are strong, you may seem docile at first glance but if someone threatens your safety or the safety of your Loved ones you unleash your Strength. Protectiveness is a major trait in you, you would sacrifice yourself to save the ones most important to you, Love comes first..

Wolf Name (If I was one): Snowflake- A white wolf with piercing blue eyes. Good listener and am usually kind, would be a good Beta or Alpha.

Wolf Rank (if I was one): Beta which is a warrior.

What I would look like as a wolf: You have purple eyes and grey with black fur. You are mostly a lone wolf and you do what you want.

Second wolf name: Flamingfeather-Your quick-minded and smart. Your fur is red and glows in the sun. You wear a necklace of feathers that

looks like fire in the light. (Hence the name!)

Member of the pack: Alpha Female-Your the big wolf, you give the orders and the others follow. The Alpha Male is your mate. You, your pack and your mate roam the forest and attack all who stand in your way. Your pups will grow to be wise and powerful, like you and your mate.

With credit to Kokoro123456. Thank you to her for posting that beause it also represents what some people, such as myself, who suffer from depression. I feel like this saying is true about me.

I hide my scars with an "I'm okay"

Smile until the end of the day

Where I cry in my sleep

Wishing the pain would go away

If only I was there to protect you

Before it was too late.

Quotes I like

Love is painful when you are the only person who feels the emotion and the other person feels nothing.-Me

Love is the most destructive emotion. It tears you apart and causes you to break when you know the other person doesn't feel a thing for you yet leads you on only to see your pain.- Me

Enjoy everyday as if it were your last because one day it will be.- ForestLurker

Don't cushion the truth from me. It is better to be hit with the cold hard truth than to be led on by a soft and sweet lie. -ForestLurker

The darkness inside welcomes me more than the light outside. -ForsetLurker

Hurt me all you want for it won't break me. But love me and I will shatter. -ForestLurker

The memoriees may hurt but how I got them is what made me who I am. -ForestLurker

Don't test me unless you want to see what I'm really made of. -ForestLurker

Keep trying to throw me down but I won't hit the ground. -ForestLurker


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