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Name: Darko
Location: Home
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Sep 2008

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio

yes my names joe im 14 im a vampire and a demon more vampire than demon as the percentages of my blood is like 70% vampire and 30% demon

Member of Shadow abilities group

Owner of The Forbidden Seven

-Members of The Forbidden Seven-

1st Member -Owner- -Joethewicca- (me)

2nd -Co Owner- -Bocaj3-

3rd -Elder- -Polki123-

4th -Member- -Konstinios-

Yagami Light (Kira)

?This world is Rotten. Rotten people should be killed off to cleanse this world.?

?I?m going to change the world.?

?I am going to be the god of the new world.?


?I feel like I?m watching a sitcom.?

?Humans are hilarious.?

?For me? apples [are] like cigarettes and liquor for humans. If I?m deprived I go into withdrawals.?

?Apples taste so much better indoors.

?As a rule they say humans haunted by a shinigami have nothing but misfortune.?

?Hey, all it did was go around in a full circle."

?Sorry, But? believe it or not I?m a male too"

?Like hell you do.?

?Hehe. A disaster-struck gamily playing a happy-homey family?this is funny.?

?You don?t let up on the eye thing, do you??

?What? I?m going to be possessed by such a poor imbecile??

?I can understand them, because they exchange that money with tons of apples.?

?You?re using the word ?destiny? for a woman again Light. You always use a one patterned approach for women.?

Funny Convo

?Light: Misa, I want you to know my feelings. I don?t want you to shorten your life by doing the deal, I don?t want to manipulate you like that. I?d rather live a lasting life with you in our ideal world.

Misa (tearing): Light.

Ryuk (thinking): Like hell you do.

Misa (hugs): I?m so glad!

Ryuk (thinking): All this girl does is hug??

Funny Convo 2

Matsuda: ?I wonder, is it about ten million dollars?

Ryuk: How many apples could I buy with that??

Funny Convo 3

?Light: Okay. What are your symptoms?

Ryuk: My body begins to twist up like a pretzel?And I do headstands.

Funny Convo 4

Near: ?What is it L?

Light: Misa Amane and Mogi are missing?

Near: Yes. We have abducted them.

Light: for what?

Near: Insurance?

Funny Convo 5

Light: Ryuk, is it possible for you to possess two people at the same time, right?

Ryuk: What? It?s not impossible but ?Who is it going to be?

Light: ...Touta Matsuda.

Ryuk: What? I have to possess that lame guy??


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