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Name: Wpriestesss
Last Seen: Thu, 03 Sep 2015

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i a west african priestess. please forgive my english. i have always had a believed in the supernatural. in the power our fathers have given to us to be able to change our destiny and dominate.

i am the fourty second priestess of the runhel. my abilities were passed on to me by my mother who passed away seven years ago. most natural powers runs in the vein and is passed on when one permently transitions from human to spirit

we believe that everything in the present and our everyday life is directly affected by the spiritual. the state of your spirit directly affects they physical.

i have looked through this site and this kind of magic and spell is new and different to me, i am skeptical if they actually work but i plan to keep an open mind.

while i am on this site i plan to learn and offer my help in which ever way i can. i do not believe that just anyone can reciete spells and see a result. but i said i am keeping an open mind.

everything i need to perform a ritual exists all around us. we are made from dust and from the soil therefore it is from nature that we are made. water, soil, trees, air, animals are all natural elements that exists around us that can be manipulated to change the past and affect the future to our favour.

there are rules that restricts and governs every magic, coven, ritual or godess.

these are my rulles

1. to believe in only he that protects and gives me power

2. never to kill(human)

3. never to give false hope

4. to touch as many lives as possible with my gift

5. to never exaggerate the extend of my powers

things i can help you with

1. to find true love

2. make someone love you(as long as he or she is not married or involved with someone else)

3. to help find people

4. to help concieve

5. promotions

6. safe delivery

7, popularity

8. beauty and skin issues

9. touch and love

10. weath e.t.c

when you contact me. i will let youknow if what you seek is something i can do.

some magic and rituals might require for me to know your name or see a picture so as to channel you.

i hope by joining this site to touch as many lives as possible

and maybe learn some morden type of magic


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