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Name: Xhanx_Damian
Last Seen: Fri, 24 Jul 2015

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hello... i am the Xhanx_Damian... the defeater of the Brick-eyed... the finder of the 3 sprells... the user of the forbidden time-magick... well, atleast i whas that... when i defeated the Brick-eyed i shoze to let them live... when i lost the love-sprell i got cursed... when my friend died the luit-sprell stopped existing... when in 2012 i stopped using my magick for a half year i lost my magick... and when our leaders found out about me & kancoria doing forbidden magick we got sended to another world where stuff happened and... anyway... im back to the real world and... well...

message to Zhanx_Kancoria

in case the Zhanx girl with the name Kancoria is still alive... and in case she visits this site... im really sorry for what happened... if i whas permitted to rewind time i would make sure i didn't do what i did! but everyone knows time-magick is not allowed in any group of magicans! so here comes my sorry: "i allow you to kill me..."

forgive me if you already hate me when only seeing my name... for losing the love-sprell i got cursed... i will never find any love ever again... and to make things sure the curse also made it happen that if somebody meets me for the first time he/she already hates me... so please forgive me....

hobby's: watching anime, playing games, making music, controlling wind

needs: somebody to care about me

something else? eh... well... the only animals i dont like are humans & spiders... spiders cous im scared & humans becous they think their better then all the other animals and they destroy nature...

i really love nature...

wolfs, cats, dogs, rats & bats are the animals im mostely chilling with...

more info? idk... maybe this... there is a vampire taking care of me at night but i never saw the vampire... welll... only once but i dont know if boy or girl and what age.. doesn't matter anyway... but i only have a question... what is the reason that im not bitten too much? (only 3 times or so...) is it cous he/she dont wanna kill me? that gotta be it...

if you wanna talk to me when im not online...


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