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Name: Jamesisaac
Birthday: Mar 27 2000
Gender: Male
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I got gagged and cant send any messages, my new account is earth065, or my kik is jamesip and my twitter is @paschky.Hello, I am James. I play alto sax and like blues, swing, jazz, big band, some dubstep, oldies and acdc. Basically anything between 1923 and 1982. I also like to walk in the woods and archery. I am an Earth priest. You may be wondering what an Earth priest is. An Earth priest is someone who communicates with Earth and uses elemental magic. The way you become an Earth priest is by asking permission from Earth and if the answer is yes then you do a ritual basically swearing to protect nature and to help those in need. I dont know if all Earth priests can but I can manipulate the elements when Earth allows me too.

I worship God Yahweh, Jesus Christ, Earth,the light, the great goddess of the universe and the goddess.

I mainly heal and communicate with my deities but I also work on elemental magic. If you need help just ask and I will do my best to help you, I will also believe you no matter how unusual what you have to say might sound. I also like to listen or talk with people so mail me about anything you want and I will listen to you. I also love getting mail so mail me anytime about anything, even the most random thing!

I am also accepting students.

What I've noticed is that most people on this site only practice ritual magic, where you have an altar and a candle or anything like that. I'm not saying ritual magic is bad sometimes I think its the right thing to do, but there is a whole different kind of magic that isn't a spell but the very most primitive magic. Just believe and you can do anything. The way I do this is I ask to use earth's power or I use my own and I imagine something or ask for it to happen, and it does. Another thing that you may not know but the way humans unlock or use magic is through imagination so if you have any doubt then you are imagining your magic not working, which why, at least I believe, our magic only works if you truly believe your magic will work.

Well that's about it thank you for reading this and I hope I helped.

blessed be

A meditation to center your energy and activate your chakras for a while, imagine a ball or orb of light in the place and color getting bigger and brighter. The base of your spine is red, your belly button is orange, above your belly button and bellow your breasts is gold, your heart is green, your throat is turquoise, your third eye, in the middle of your forehead is purple and for your crown I imagine a streak of white light going into the sky and sometimes when I do this my gods call me up and I float up and see the whole universe before me and i speak with whoever called me up.

"there existed once, long years ago, a different age. it was an age when the names of our gods echoed proudly through the ancient halls of our ancestors. it was an age when the sumble horn was reverently passed and lifted high, heavy with golden mead. it was an age when heroes were born and sought to prove their worth through mighty deeds. and perhaps most of all, it was an age for the creation of sagas.

but an age is like a season. and like all seasons, the day must come for its passing and the succession of the next. the bright summer of our people gave way to the autumn and passed away into the winter age - an age when the high seats of the old gods were usurped by foreign masters, an age when the sumble horn was split asunder and replaced with the communion chalice, an age when sagas were written no more and heroes were forgotten.

but an age is like a season. and even the fimbulvintr cannot last forever. in this time, the grip of the long winter began to loosen and the land began to thaw, giving way to the comings of a new year and a fresh spring. and so now, once more, there has come an age when the names of our gods ring proudly in the halls of good folk that have heard their call once more.

there has come an age where we pass the sacred horn and lay good words and hallowed oaths into their well. once more there has come an age where tru men and women strive accomplish deeds of such great worth that their memory shall live on long after we have all gone into the mound. once more there has come an age where the old sagas are remembered and those who lived them are honored. but even greater still, there has come an age for the beginning of new sagas at long last."



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