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Name: Divinator
Location: India
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 04 Aug 2015

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* Darkness is not evil,Evil may dwell in the darkness. Yet understanding and knowledge is the key.

* Merry Meet to you reader. I am Alexius Silver by my magickal name and I am the Priest of Second Sight. I consider myself as a forever student.I don't think myself as a teacher unless someone is dedicated to be a learner and don't want to get spoon feed. I work with Hekate and Shiv as my patron Gods.There are also many other Gods and spirits I work with.(I am Reiki Master Level 4 attuned Healer).

* I can be harsh and rude to you but rarely and If I do,take it as a warning that you are getting on my nerve. I will treate you no less than You treate me. *Exception for idiots* I will never tolerate fluffyness. You instantly will get a hardcore message from me and a block, if you dare to spoil my happy day with any idiot talk.

* On the First hand Do Not Mail me unless you are sure about what you are asking.

*Hesitate while mailing me and if possible avoid mailing me without subject or stuff like "Hey what's up" or "can you cast a spell for me".

* Fairy Tails are the first one to get a block.

* If you need help,feel free to ask as I will try to help you.

* Need a Reading? If you are 14+, you may ask a valid question. You'll get a reply within a week and if not,consider that I cannot do your reading.

* I am allergic to those who are not serious for their work and craft. If you are able to speak less and tell much,You already gained my respect. If you need to tell a story to make me understand,better stay away as I am also allergic and repellent to read stories and long messages.

* Try to be as much respectful and friendly as you can be,If you seek same in return. *Exception for idiots*

* Strictness is important to make discipline.

* Nothing more is important to be known right now.But if for some good reason you want to know,I may tell you.

* I Thank everyone on this site who ever helped me.specially my home like coven.

* Let your soul itself be a guide to your path.

* Blessings are not gained,They are earned.

* Wise is not the one who don't fight,but the one who banish the cause of fight in generous way.

* Always trust your intuition,even if it's very difficult to accept.

* Know about your enemy to kill it. Or they may surprise you.

* Darkness teach us to live in light.Know the darkness to know the light and vice versa.

Blessed Be.


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