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Name: Azraela
Location: Huntsville, AL
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 04 Jun 2008

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My name is Azraela, which is the name the Goddess herself bestowed upon me recently on this past Bealteinne. She has shown me what the new names' meaning is and some of what power it holds. I am presently studying 1st degree Correllian Wiccan along with several other areas of Magick. I don't necessarily agree with the Correllian way but it is always good to be schooled in as many ways of magick as possible. I do however respect their way and all others. I do pray to the Goddess in her many aspects. I have been studying witchcraft and magick on and off for some time now but have recently dedicated myself to the craft full time.

I am looking forward to being a member Spells of Magick. I hope to bring as much as I get out of it. I am a practiced witch to some extent but have much more to learn as you can never learn everything and I feel I am still a fledgling as most are. That is just my opinion. I feel most are fledglings until they have practiced for numerous years (35 or more) or are born gifted and at a older age and have kept up their gift. I was born with witch blood but it was never nurtured. My father's side, his mother, my grandmother on his side, was a witch but I barely knew her even though I knew from the beginning that the craft ran through my veins. My mother's side, her mother and father, were very much Christian. In fact, my grandfather on her side was a preacher, but he past away before I ever knew him, but my grandmother was a very devoted Baptist. She would begin EVERY YEAR Jan. 1st reading the Bible at Genesis 1:1 and would finish the ENTIRE Bible by Dec. 31st. Needless to say I could never discuss witchcraft with my maternal grandmother. I was only around my paternal grandmother a few times in my life so I never got to talk to her about my family history of witchcraft either and my father only said a few things that I can remember. I do remember him speaking of black and white magick and helping me with the ouji board when I was about 9 or 10. His father also died before I was born but the interesting thing about him was he showed up from nowhere in their small town in Mississippi I think sometime between 1928 to 1930, I can't remember the exact year. We are not sure what his real name was. We believe that he had changed it due to what he had been involved in. We do know he had a degree in journalism from Harvard and had a sister who was an engineer with a degree from either Harvard or Yale (we think, it may have been another school) which is very unusual because women did not get degrees like that at the time. The most interesting thing is, my grandfather had been at the discovery and raising of King Tutankhamen's Tomb in 1922 in Egypt!!!!! And according to one of my great-uncles, my grandfather's confidant, he had brought back artifacts from the site, which of course was illegal. I never got the whole story because by the time I got old enough to question my great-uncle, my grandfather had long past, like I needed to, he was to old and not in his right mind, then he past away. I have tried to research this but have only hit dead ends, as my mother and father before me. My father is since past away as all my grandparents have past away also and I have no contact with my father's side of the family or no clue what may have happened to any artifacts recovered from the site. One interesting thing is how my grandfather died, he went blind and was ran over by a train. Due to all of this, I have always felt a strong relationship to Egypt and its' Deities. Also, I wish I could have learned more from my paternal grandmother. I do feel she guides my hand at times when casting spells and mixing herbs. I am able at time to accomplish things that surprise me and I feel that it is my grandmother along with the Goddess guiding my every step.

Blessed Be!


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