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Name: christipher
Birthday: Jun 30 1999
Location: Naples,FL
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 24 Aug 2011

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I am12 years old,my name is Christopher and I am new in the magic art. I'm a sad little lonely emo...dont ask...i have my ment nothing to me...but now magick has given me hope.

With every second we live we come one more second to can be long or it can b short....but no matter what we will die....

I dont look forward to love....ive gotton my heart broken enough times....I dont like or ylove..I dont get to attatched to people but i will be peoples friends....nothing more...

You can f#ck with my friends....and my family...but if u f#ck with me there's a serious problem so just leave me alone...ok? ok....

I'm bi...u have a problem with that then f#ck u! my favorite color is pitch black...followed by blood red...I can be very sensitive so I can be a bomb ready to go off or a person crying in a corner...but most times I slit my arm in anger and sadness...I'm a very weird element is air...and very bad things have happend in my life...any qustions then just ask...

All my life has been pain and dispare but does anyone care? no! I don't care...all I want is to die most of the time.....but sometimes I wonder wat my future will b like...BUT DOES ANY1 CARE?! no!!!! if I slit my throut people would feel bad...the same people who made fun of me...but who was the one who scared them?! ME!!!! I wanted to kill them and me.....and lastly I ask again!!!! DOES ANYONE CARE?!?!?!?!? NO!!!!! Only one person cares and he is my closest friend...

Life throws screw balls at you but if you dont doge them you can ruin your life forever,trust me I've been there. well poems I wrote (look below)

Love sucks- They say if you love something set it free...well thats not true! if you let everything you loved go life would be terrible!,misrible!,and horrible! So keep everything you love close to you...or ecleast try...

Life is a puzzle-Life is a puzzle that only you can put together. The puzzle of life only gives you a certain amount of peices and you choose where the peices fall into place. Finaly,if you cannot place your pieces in the right place something bad will happen,remember...the puzzle of life always ends in death

Hate- I hate alot of things. I hate yellow and the sun. I hate life and love. ha,I hate alot more too but I'm not going to explain that because I hate explaining.

Love- I love plenty of things. I love anything that I dont hate. I love my bestfriends and all about them. I love black and the moon and total darkness. I love writing,music,animals,and fixingthings. I love cuts and bruises. I love blood.

My heart- My heart has been stabbed repeatidly with breakups and forever scarred with the tears I shed. I've found someone who rebuilds my heart little by little and charish every word they say.

Life- everyone will die so dont celebrate your birthday that represents you being close to death. we all live so celebrate but not for to long. so many of my family members have died when they wherent supposed to! it was unfair! but death is beware...


Im only like above wen u don't know me.


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