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Name: wolfoffire
Birthday: Jun 10 1991
Location: Finland
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 03 Feb 2012

Membership: Contributor

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Hi, my magic name is valkyria

I'm new to this with wicca but I think i got a good start I keep practising weekly

i took this spell from this site:

Stop wounds from bleeding

Quickly Clear Your Mind

and chant the following three times:

"Rivers Shall Flow

Be Pure and crystalline

But red rivers must not

they must be trapped inside my being

This river so red

Must Be Stoped with a Golden Net

Stop the now stop this bleed"

and when you stop

there will be no blood

Here is a list of what candle color means:

White: truth, purity

Red: love, health, sex, strength

Green: money, luck, fertility

Black: discord, evil, negativity, confusion

Brown: neutrality, uncertainty, hesitation

Pink: love, morality, honour

Purple: power, business progress, ambition

Orange: attraction, stimulation

Greenish Yellow: jealousy, anger, discord

Gray: neutrality, stalemate, negativity

Light Blue: tranquility, patience, health

Dark Blue: depression, changeability

(I did copy this from

This is my own spell for friend protection

Friend protection spell

Spirit of the moon borrow me some of your power untill the end,

so that i can with the power of my love protect a friend,

(friend name) is her name in my heart forever,

I place this sheid of magic on her so that she never,

will get hurt by any harm from this world or another,

spirits of the earth you are life and all the plants mother,

spirits of the water you are healing and the cleansing power,

spirits of the wind you are the ruler of the sky and you can go higher than any tower,

spirits of fire you are death and destruction but you are also light,

I'm asking you spirits of the elements to come to my aid to help my friend in her fight,

I ask for your powers to guard and help my friend in any time of need and make all evil go away,

and guide her as she make her way troght the day,

I place this shield upon her as a protection from my heart,

so that there will always be from me a part,

with the power of the three,

so mote it be!

The Ritual

What u need:

white candles x10,

pink/red candle 1x,

a strong will,

a clear mind,,

a strong belive that it works,

be outdoors when u cast the spell where u see the moon and feel a connection the the elements.

1.Put the candles in a circle on the ground

2.Sit down in the ring

3.Put the red/pink candle in front of u

4.Light all the candles

5.Clear ur mind

6.Start chanting the spell

7.Visualaise the enegry come from the moon and from the nature in to your heart and soul

8.Visualaise the magic shield being crafted in your mind

9.Visualaise the shield move from your hands to your friend

10.Visualise the shield flying around your friend protecting her from all harm

11.Then thank the spirits for their aid and blow out the candles the red/pink one last.

Keep the shield in mind and evry time you see your friend you can close your eyes and visualise the shield around here so that the spell will stay strong.


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