Using Magick For Selfish Gain

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When you should start evaluating why you're using magick.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read and click on this article. Just by you finding this article shows that you... Yes you... You want to know more and inquire more about Magick. The Goddess shall look down and richly bless you for your dedication.

Note: Message me if you're upset by this article. Please vent and argue with me on your opinions, only then can we both learn.

Recently, I've been offering my assistance to fairly new members of this site and it quite a lot of patience. If its not the person that wants me to burn their school down, it's someone begging me to perform a love spell for them, and lets not forget the famous "turn me into a vampire so can end all my problems" line.

This my friend is not how magick works! And I'm sorry if Magick doesn't meet your HarryPotter/Hollywood glamour of magic and witchcraft.

Magick is to help us shape our destinies to our own desires, but we shouldn't alter anyone else destiny just to pursue ours. As a male witch I perform a few spells and these include Blessings, protection, luck, and the ocassional I want it my way spells. This means that one should be away of the power which lies in magick and be aware not to just use it to gain things but also to give back to the universe and spread energy. Try to be a positive light in your life where ever it may be. Be that oasis for someone desperate in need for a smile. The only way we can go is putting our troubles aside and helping others heal. Now I know there are monstors in your life that you need to fight. And it seems like your losing, but your not. You can never grow if you say around in a garden all day in peace and tranquility. It's when you suffer, when you're sick, its when you experience pain, You grow as a person.

So please people, try to use magick to create a greater impact than just to satisfy your daily needs. A good example maybe giving someone a blessing anonymously.

I hope I made my point.

Blessed Be )0(

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