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A ritual to become a spell caster or magick user.

Do not use if you are unsure it will work! Will only work if you believe and do everything the instructions say!

You will need:

*A Peice of paper or your own BoS (Book of Shadows).

*A Blue Pen

*Belief is the key

You must take a bath or shower on Monday night, this process helps cleanse your aura. Then you go find a quiet space that you know you will not be inturrupted for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Then take a few moments to gather your belief. Then take out your piece of paper or Book of Shadows and draw a rectangle, using the blue pen. Now close your eyes and imagine that the rectangle was a door, and it started to open. Then you walked through. You enter a place of your greatest desire, in this place you see herbs and other ingredients growing. You feel totally at peace with yourself. Then say while in your peaceful place this:

"To the left and right of me, above and below me, awaken the spirit of nature and magic within me. "

Then stay in this place for just awhile longer, until you feel like your ready to exit, when you do slowly walk out the door, and keep that feeling of peace. When you open your eyes say this:

"I am a wonderful child of the universe, and so will it be."

Then as soon as you're done you should feel different.

But remember magick requires belief or it will not work, also please remember magick isn't all fun and games, you will have to dedicate your time.


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