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to bring a piece of your soul to life, with its own characteristics and personality. once you bring this piece of soul to life, you cannot re-absorb it into your body, you must follow the banishing ritual given below.....

if you do not agree with blood magick DO NOT attempt this spell!

if you do not agree with sharing your soul with an entity of your own creation DO NOT attempt this spell!

if you change Anything in this spell DO NOT attempt this spell!

***********this spell is Very powerful, very dangerous, and very committing, if you do not understand why it is dangerous or powerful or why you need to be committed to your fantome DO NOT attempt this spell!!****************************************

*****please note that the fantome that you can create with this spell is no mere servant, create a servitor if you want one of those, this fantome is a companion, magick brother/sister, and will share your mind, soul, and consciousness.******************


you will need:

a pen or pencil

a book with no words on the cover with its pages ripped out

an athame

holy water


air (your own breath works amazingly and is reccommended)

a match or lighter

a sigil that you have created beforehand that represents your soul

a necklace chain

a list of characteristics both good and bad that you think sums you up

heres the procedure:

1)go anywhere where you feel comfortable, a place of refuge that you use often is best.

2)meditate on yourself, just picture yourself in your minds eyes as you are, both good and evil, strengths and weaknesses.

3)now write on the top of the cover "fantome moi" and under it draw your sigil

4)bless the cover of the book with a small amount of holy water(you do not need to soak the whole cover with it, a small amount will do)

5)mix the dirt on the cover where you placed the holy water

6)breathe in and picture your spirit residing in your lungs, now blow onto the cover, do this until you feel the book has a strong enough link to you

7)now place a lit match or lighter onto the wet part of the cover of the book

8)open the book and write all the characteristics you wrote down earlier on the inside of the book; while visualizing an act you have done that exemplifies that trait, if you cant think of any for a particular trait do not write it in the book

9)repeat step 6 on the inside of the book and focus on your breath residing in the written words there

*warning some may not be able to do this next part, if not, please do not attempt this spell.*

10)take your athame and cut yourself somewhere, i used my palm as i could do step 11 much easier and it bleeds less (DO NOT cut your wrists, you could nick an artery and bleed to death)

11)place the bleeding part of you on the outside cover of the book while picturing the book absorbing and accepting your essence

12) write your fantome's unique name on the inside spine of the book (you should pick this name out beforehand and you should use something unique)

13)now raise mental energy, as much as possible. this spell is not for beginners, it needs ALOT of energy, as much as you have, the more you put in, the stronger your fantome will be

14)picture you soul, consciousness and mind leaving your body and emptying into the book and residing there

15)now release the energy you hold into the book and command it to give life to ***fantome's name***

16)read the energy the characteristics from the inside of the book and think about the act you committed that exemplifies it

17) command the energy to take these characteristics upon itself and live as you do

18)give all your memories to the fantome

19)tell the fantome that you and he/her are allies and are linked by each other's souls, and for all intents and purposes are the same being

20) now before you chain the book shut, tell your fantome how he can die, you can only choose one way, i chose burning, i told him that the only way for him to die is if I burned the book. by no other means could i destroy him, this will not cause him/her to become angry as he/her is a part of you and understands you completely

21)chain the book shut with the chain.

22)rest, you will need it after this experience

23!!!) NEVER let another human know your fantome's name!!! that is as some would call it, his' or her's "secret name". never let another human see inside the book!!

the fantome moi is a part of your very soul, therefore this spell should not be used by anyone who does not already know that magick is thier life choice, cause should you choose to turn from magick, you would lose a precious part of you by destroying the fantome.

also understand that if by some chance you lose the book, and cannot destroy the fantome, what you must do is forget about him/her. do not call upon him/her. after 40 days or more of not thinking about your fantome at all...not even once, write his/her name on a piece of paper and dispose of it in the manner you had previously set forth.

now after all these steps are complete, you will have a phantome moi which means phantom you.

they can go anywhere and do many many things.

they will aid in spells

enact revenge for you

bring blessings to those you wish well upon

look out for you and loved ones

you can also discuss things with your fantome, though it is quite useless as your fantome thinks exactly as you do and will answer as you would have.

please be careful with this spell, it is quite powerful and although does not have much of a chance of backfiring, is not quite like most spells, as most can be undone relatively easily and do not require you to give so much of yourself!

This article was contributed by Black Twilight.
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