On gestures of magick

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what i know people

Gestures have long been used to convey your desire especially when silence was nessasary for protection,especially to the powers that be.In a lot of places these days esp. france, everyone uses some form of sign language ,wether they flip each other the bird (middle finger of saturn) or the ergiz pease rune sign(thub and index in a V shape) or say hi palm up ,Those gestures of magick are to curse or bless a individual.In olden times our ancestors believed everything happened because of magick,someone got sick,it was because of the evil eye jettatura a curse.they burned, stoned ,drowned etc. people who they belived caused protect yourself from such negativity/evil,it became custum to flip your enemy off cause it had to be him ,or make the sign of the fig (fist with thumb protrudeing between index and middle finger,or point the manucornu at him (thumb out index extended and pinky and two middle fingers tucked in). gestures are also used as greetings from the wide spread blessing of hi palm up .to the handshakes of coven and family traditions that are kept secrete or shared to their trusted members.In rituals and spells it became custum to greet the powers that be with such gestures as to bless or curse or convey your desire ,wether its the cross gesture for GOD used by priest, where they make a cross touching their fore head hesrt and shoulders,or the gesture of initition the five fold kiss,blowing a kiss to the moon or sun to show love and respect or fliping them off yes certain people do this.or bowing your head to the sun with arms crossed in the osirus posture in egypt,or the posture of isis in her rituals,these gesture convey a magickal meaning but also your intent in magick.i hope this helped blessings everyone

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