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How to pray, from what I know.

Call upon the spirit being, GOD etc. Be yourself but also be honest, be loving, be loyal, be a friend. Prayer is just talking. The powers that be hear and know everything; they can see through you and your lies. Don't pray to, invite, or call upon a spirit you don't know or trust. Mama always said don't talk to strangers, she was right.

Most spirits talk mentally to you, but can also be heard audibly. Prayer should be done alone, if it's about secrecy, but prayer groups are also fine, both are equally effective. If you want something done you should do it yourself. If it's not in your power, then pray to father God, or the Goddess to help you. They are all of our parents, as well as praying to your deceased loved ones to help you. The most common way to pray is to kneel, or sit, eyes closed, hands together. It's cute, but its not necessary unless you want to. Your desire is your invitation. When in doubt or need, pray to the powers that be, especially when it's not in your power to do. I hope this helped you.

-Blessed Be )O(

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