Nyx's prayer circle.

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This is a prayer to the goddess of night , Nyx.

Put all colored candles except for the purple candle in a box formation. Clockwise: Yellow, Red, Blue, then Green. Place the purple candle in the center. Call each element to the circle in Nyx's name as you light the candles in clockwise order and then to the center. "Oh mighty air, that rushes its force through the trees and plants on a windy night, I call to thee!" "Oh mighty fire, that warms us and helps provide us with many comforts, I call to thee!" "Oh mighty water, that overtakes low land with great force and is essential to all life, I call to thee!" "Oh mighty earth, that we walk upon and must treat as we would our own kin, I call to thee!" "Oh mighty spirit, that rages through all of us, keeping us strong and healthy, in the name of Night and my goddess Nyx, I call to thee!" Lift your head toward the sky (Best during a full moon at the height of Nyx's power) and call this prayer to Nyx. "Oh sweet Mother of Night, I call upon your name to bring me your protection in my troubles." State what is bothering you and you may offer ideas for Nyx to help you fix it.

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