Vortex Rite

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An adaption of Carroll's Vortex Rite

Stand up.

-Take a few good, deep breaths. Relax.

-Stomp your foot on the floor and cry out HUT (meaning "start")

Extend both index fingers and bring them together in front of you. Say XIQUAL UDINBAK, which means roughly "manifest chaos". Visualize a point of light at your fingertips.

-Separate the fingers so that you draw a vertical line before you. --Say XIQUAL UZARFE, D'KYENG. This means, roughly, "manifest aethyr, Planck's constant". Aethyr is buzzing with potential, Planck's constant is total contraction. Visualize the astrological symbol for Saturn at the top of the vertical line, and the Greek letter "psi" at the bottom.

-Bring the index fingers back together, but keep visualizing the lines and the symbols at either end.

-Draw a line with the fingertips perpendicular to the first line, saying XIQUAL KUDEX, EACHT (roughly, manifest light and darkness). At either end of the line, visualize, respectively, a sphere of light and one of total blackness.

-Repeat step 6.

-Draw another line at a 45-degree angle to the first two. Say XIQUAL ASHARA, DIJOW - roughly, manifest fire and air (they also mean energy and time, respectively). A variety of symbols can be used to represent the two, including personally-created sigils. I tend to use the old alchemical triangles myself, but that's just the traditionalist in me talking.

-Repeat step 6.

-Last line! Perpendicular to the one in step 9, with the phrase XIQUAL THALDOMA,NOBO (roughly, water and earth, or space and mass). Just like step 9, really. Use whatever symbols do it for you.

Take your time, and make sure that you can fully visualize all of the lines and symbols. Don't try to control color; just let it come to you as it will (this is one way to discover your octarine).

Say XIQUAL ONGATHAWAS (manifest the vortex), and make a gesture with your left hand which suggests setting a wheel spinning to you. This can range from the twitch of a finger to the sweep of an arm.

Use your breath to speed up the initial spin. With each inhalation and exhalation, make the whirl go faster and faster. Keep doing this until it appears 3-dimensional, as if you could thrust your arm into it.

Your vortex is now open! Shout out XIQUAL CHOYOFAQUE (manifest the work of chaos), or, if so inclined, some other phrase. It can be in any language you choose. It really doesn't matter (this is true of all the steps outlined. Using a weird tongue like Ouranian Barbaric helps distract the conscious mind, and thus the psychic censor).

Go about whatever business you've set out to do.

When you're all finished with your vortex, get the visualization strong again.

Point the index finger of your left hand at it and query ANGBIX (how?) Then your middle finger and ask POHUTH? (why)?, and finally your thumb with the question WOKAC? (what?). These are the three basic questions of materialism/science, spirituality/religion, and magick, respectively, per Carroll's aeonic theories.

See the triangle formed by the three outstretched fingers? Visualize it as a sort of volume control, a solid triangle. Turn the "knob" counterclockwise to shut the vortex off, with a shout of AEPALIZAGE "immanentize the eschaton." For a full description of what the Eschaton is, it's best to refer to Carroll's works.

Courtesy (and with permission) of Choasmatrix

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