Well, this is advise for beginners.

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To understand Magick and what it is about.

To create magick, you need to have an intention to use it or for it; such as telekinesis (to want it to move) - that is an intention. You may want to study absorbing energy, psi, Ki, universal energy, dark energy (this might be a path to evil or osetio for power), and learn to ground. Also, it is good to learn about pendulums crystals,and candles. Meditation is also a good way to get better at Magick because clearing the mind is good for the intention to focus itself and thinking of nothing might be thinking of everything. The meditative state of mind is good for this. Magick cannot be achieved without you mind; your imagination is everything in Magick and that is the intention.

The first time I moved a object it felt so good that I achieved my intention. It is like when I first started, I jumped to creating fire, but it was telling me to control psi and I didn't now what that was, so I looked it up and searched in a book about the ancient and very powerful Magick and Magick objects. The point is don't jump to flying or trying to kill someone, but don't think about it the guilt will haunt you for the rest of your life. Build up your skill and practice, then go onto the harder spells.Thanks for reading this, I hope it helps!

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